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Most of us spend hours every week in meetings and conference calls.
Get the most from your BYOD experience with Jabra PanaCast 50 and
ClickShare Conference.

Starting your next meeting could not be simpler with PanaCast 50.
Just walk in and connect – either automatically or with one click – and enjoy
a better, faster collaboration experience. Everyone remains in the picture with
PanaCast 50‘s stunning Panoramic-4K field-of-view, powerful microphones,
Intelligent zoom, and the tools to manage the meeting from your device.

ClickShare Conference allows you to collaborate totally seamlessly with all the
participants. You enjoy a whole new level of comfort and productivity.

Today, you can try this bundle for 30 days for free, with zero obligations to buy.

Connect faster. Collaborate better. ClickShare Conference & PanaCast 50.

CX-30 & PanaCast 50 bundle

Wireless Conferencing

Room dock: Connect wirelessly to room camera, speaker and sound bar

Touch back support

Compatible with touch screens

Full interactivity

Collaborate with blackboarding & annotation


5 years service coverage, XMS insights and enhanced support

BYOD support

Native apps Streaming protocol

Picture perfect

180° field of view in Panoramic-4K

Astounding sound

From the world leaders in professional audio

How does it work?

  1. Register at:
  2. Try your ClickShare Conference with PanaCast 50 for 30 days and experience it for yourself. No training needed.
  3. Decide whether you want to buy the ClickShare Conference and/or PanaCast 50. You will be informed about how you can return the trial unit for free.

Question about this offer?

Contact your ClickShare Conference or Jabra reseller for more information.