Control & Automation

Control & Automation

Simplify Your Environment by Controlling Virtually Everything with the Touch of a Button

Start via auto-schedule or use your phone to operate the system at the office.

Save time & energy & create a better user experience.

Don’t Settle for Static Solutions

Shared Screens Pose Sanitization Concerns

New control protocols allow people to use their personal devices to control the room.

Custom Programming Has Us Locked into Platform or Provider

We implement open-source programming to ensure that you are in control.

There are Too Many Buttons to Push

Create automated functions to minimize frustration & ensure systems are on & off at the appropriate times.

Automation Can Include:

  • Automatic Meeting Start
  • Scheduled/Automatic System Shutdown
  • No-Touch Automation, Using Your Own Device
  • Automatic/Daylight Shading Control
  • Room Scheduling – Improves Efficiency
  • Audio & Video Controls
  • Remote Access for Service & Support

Captus Systems helps organizations create impressive, automated spaces that work seamlessly. We don’t overcomplicate functionality – instead, we ensure that everything a room needs is available & connected.


Our Team of Experts creates workflows that optimize the user experience, allowing everything to work together.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!

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