Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage That’s Optimized to Meet the Needs of Your Space

Captus Systems ensures that the displays & the technology that allows for the content on digital signage, all work together. Whether you need signage for a menu board in a café – or for outdoor LED on the side of a building – we will deliver.

Deploy Beautiful & Informative Displays with Customizable Messaging that Keeps Employees & Visitors Up-to-Date with the Latest Relevant Information

Content Updates are Difficult

Too often, digital signage interfaces are unintuitive & hard to update. Consequently, content gets outdated.

Lock-In Contracts are Expensive

Some digital signage companies & ad agencies sell signage via contracts that lock you into an overpriced rate for unimpressive service.

Signs Go Offline

Poorly optimized signage systems can have connectivity issues. When this happens, the content can be outdated – & getting back online is tedious.

Digital Signage Can Include:

  • Video Walls
  • Touch-Enabled Displays
  • Engineering the Correct Solution for the Space
  • Automatic Messaging
  • Messaging to Large & Small Audiences
  • Automation
  • Control Optimization
  • Service & Support

Captus Systems will bring the latest & the best technologies to the table, to support your functionality requirements. We will also implement the hardware & software required to achieve your desired outcome. And, we will ensure that easy-to-use remote management software can allow anyone to update the content as needed.


Captus Systems installs & configures digital signage that leverages your company’s brand, with automatically updated information.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!

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