Mics & Conferencing

Mics & Conferencing

Get Solutions that Deliver Easy-to-Use Conference Systems Where Everyone is Clearly Seen AND Clearly Heard

Use cutting-edge solutions that empower better collaboration.

Don’t Let Anyone Go Unheard!

Microphones Aren’t Recognized

It can be challenging to integrate room microphones when connecting with your laptop. Technical difficulties can lead to awkward (& costly) silences.

Acoustical Issues that Make Hearing Difficult

Systems that aren’t suited for room design, acoustics that make normal voice clarity challenging, & background noises…all of which can be distracting.

People Move the Tabletop Microphones

Ceiling microphones provide optimal & even sound pick-up for EVERYONE in the room.

Audio Conferencing Can Include:

  • DANTE Protocols (Digital Audio Networking Through Ethernet)
  • Room Acoustical Set-up & Calibration from Certified Technicians
  • Gain Structuring
  • Steerable Microphones
  • Software Solutions
  • Control Panels
  • Service & Support

Captus Systems’ solutions allow for meeting participants to speak in a normal voice & be heard clearly. Through the latest digital signal processing (DSP) systems, microphones can point-to & pick-up individual participants. We can ensure that your audio experiences are natural – even when there are multiple people talking.


Ready to improve your audio experience? We help organizations create virtual meeting environments with clear, natural sound…because the audio is more important than the video, even on a video conference.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!

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