Getting People Back to Work

Getting People Back to Work: Technology Enabled Safety Products & Solutions to Help Maintain Healthy Workspaces There’s no denying it…the world has changed. And because of this seismic shift, we’re all making major adjustments to how we move-about in the world in our personal, professional, & social lives. In order for businesses to function more safely for their workforce & customers alike, certain new processes are being adopted. Keeping us all safe – that’s Priority #1 - & AV Technology will play a big role in how companies & organizations communicate moving forward. Captus Systems is here to help you navigate through it all. Captus Systems is proud to feature the Technology Enabled Safety Products featured in this article, & will continue to add more to share with you as we learn about new tools. While the country continues to open & folks return to their work & their daily lives - health & safety will be at the top of everyone’s list. Thankfully, we are living in a technologically-advanced age & these new tools will help us to protect one-another. The new protocols that businesses need to put into place will be aided by this state-of-the-art technology. Captus Systems is here to help you enter this new reality with the products & engineering services that will streamline delivery - & enable your teams. Take a look below to learn about the Technology Enabled Safety Products that we provide. And, please continue to check our Website & Social Media Pages, as we’ll go on to post relevant information that will include videos, product features, and specifications & use-cases...all to help our customers to make the most informed decisions during uncertain times. Click here to receive product specification sheet Tauri Temperature-Check Tablets: This technology provides an extra layer of protection hygienically, as it uses non-touch infrared sensors. These state-of-the-art tablets are able to scan the people entering your facility, from 3 feet away & within 1 - 3 seconds. Tauri Tablets come in 3 sizes – 10.1”, 15.6”, & 21.5” - & can be either mounted on a wall or secured onto a specially-designed stand. Click here for TempCheck Tablet Informational Video Click here to receive product specification sheet QuickTemp Tablets – Single View: The QuickTemp Single View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of one person at-a-time, using Human Body Temperature Thermography technology. Ideally deployed on barrier gates or entrances to a building, this technology allows for precise temperature scans in 1 second, from 3-feet away. Manage an organization’s multiple devices through a web-based interface. Performing this non-invasive & quick test will identify potential health risks before a person enters your premises. Click here to receive product specification sheet 22” Hand Sanitizing Display: Available as a wall-mounted or freestanding display, the 22” Hand Sanitizer Display has been designed to meet your staff & customer’s safety needs, while displaying your branding content. Technical features include a full HD 1080p Display, Easy USB plug & Play Contents, & Upgradeable Android OS Options – all wrapped in modern design, toughened glass, & a waterproof casing. With indicator light signals to let you know the Sanitizer Levels within the unit, this display is easy to use & operate. (You can use the foam or liquid sanitizer of your choice, for the display's reservoir of 5 liters.) Perfect for any location throughout your facility. Click here to receive product specification sheet QuickTemp Tablets – Wide View (Coming Soon): The QuickTemp Wide View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of up to five people simultaneously in one second from a distance of up to 9-feet, using the same Human Body Temperature Thermography technology as the Single View Tablet. This allows you to quickly & precisely scan people in a busy public place or retail entrance to identify potential health risks before they enter the premises. Scanning multiple persons helps to cut-down on bottle-necked foot traffic & to make lines move-along faster. CLICK, E-MAIL, OR CALL FOR DETAILS, AVAILABILITY & PRICING FOR ALL ITEMS LISTED ABOVE THESE PRODUCTS ARE IN HIGH DEMAND! Contact Us to Ask for Our Detailed Safety Products Downloadable Brochure 212-400-1616 . [email protected] Captus Systems fully recognizes how our new normal is impacting how we interact with one-another, & we are evolving in order to help our staff, customers, partners, & clients by offering our expertise. The world may have changed, but our humanity remains intact. And through taking this journey together, we will all adapt - & maybe, just maybe – we’ll even become more “connected” than ever! Yeah. Together We’ve Got This!