The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #2

The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #2

On the 2nd day of Captus Systems, their Team gave to me…

Video Walls

…& the Power to be Heard CLEARLY!

The ability to have your presentation viewable by ANYONE – in the room, or remotely!


The TVF Complete LED Video Wall is an easy, “off-the-shelf” choice from Planar. They’ve packaged everything an organization would need into one complete solution – from display cabinets, to cables, to spare modules, wall mounts, trim, & video controller. The seamless Planar TVF Series LED Walls have high resolution – with the ability to deliver standard Full-HD or 4K resolution in sizes 109” – 219” diagonal measurements. (Custom sizes & resolutions are also available.) Planar also now offers the EverCare Lifetime Limited Warranty, which covers everything from the sub-pixels to the controller (as long as the video wall is used in a fixed location).

GPO Display

GPO Display’s built-to-order Kiosks are available with three standard housing designs. Each of these is a starting point for customization. This includes – but is not limited to: Custom color/finish, logos & graphics, adjustments to height/width/angle, or the incorporation of third-party devices like sensors, scanners, printers, & cameras. Whether you need a mobile, dual-sided kiosk (like the Classic & Perma models) – or a permanent, anchored solution – GPO Display has options with screen sizes ranging from 32-75” in both Full-HD and 4K. Additionally, GPO’s Ergo design is ADA-compliant for touch applications, granting full touchscreen access to wheelchair users. 

Captus Systems will make your AV Project a SPARKLING SUCCESS,

with the Expert Design, Engineering, Building, & Integration that goes into every solution we deliver.

Large or small – in-house or remote…we’ll provide the outcome that’s exactly right for you!

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!