The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #1

The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #1

On the 1st day of Captus Systems, their Team gave to me…

The Power to be Heard CLEARLY!

With these superb choices, you’ll be heard as clear as a bell!

Shure Ceiling Array

The Shure MXA-910 is a new version for 24” ceiling grid installation. The MXA-910 with IntelliMix eliminates equipment clutter, leaving room for more clarity. Instead of focusing on a microphone’s position, you can concentrate on compelling communication.


Dante AV is a revolutionary new AV solution for Standard 1 Gbps networks that allows manufacturers to add networked video to the industry-leading Dante audio-over-IP platform. It’s the evolution of AV Systems, converging all previous connection types into one. For example – combining either the Shure MXA-310 Table Array mic, the Shure MXA-710 Linear Array mic, or the Stem Audio Wall Beamforming Microphone along with the Logitech Meet-up Camera, makes for an unbeatable combination of superb clarity.

Biamp Digital Signal Processors

The Biamp Tesira Series is its flagship platform – the World’s only integrated, networked audio & video processing & distributions platform. The Tesira SERVER Series & the Tesira FORTE Series both deliver audio functionality beautifully.

Xilica Solaro Series

With its dual-core processing & 40-bit floating point DSP, the Solaro QR1 guarantees impeccable audio quality. It’s small size perfectly suits aesthetically-conscious spaces, like conference rooms, huddle spaces, & digital signage.

And of course, Captus Systems offers only expert designing, engineering, building, & integration that goes into EVERY PROJECT that we deliver!

We know how to make all of your AV projects – large or small, in-house or remote


Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!