2019 Workspace Trends…Namaste!

Trends for the workspaces of 2019 & beyond are definitely not all about the work. Read-on to see some of the interesting, fun, & unusual things that organizations are adopting to help keep their people happy, focused, well-rested, & entertained:

ABW — (Activity Based Working): More & more, organizations are providing their people with alternative work spaces — both within & outside the parameters of their brick & mortar office buildings. Top companies like Microsoft & Deloitte are using ABW spaces to help keep their people happy – which ultimately translates to increased productivity. Within the organi¬zation's actual physical framework, each ABW is designed specifically to help best facilitate different types of tasks. Examples of this include collaboration spaces that can accommodate both large & intimate gatherings, quiet areas — for when more deliberate concentration is necessary, & of course – a person’s own work¬station.
Outside of the office building itself, technology brings workers together. Cloud-based applications such as Cisco Webex, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, or other UC platforms, allow staff to work from anywhere — whether it be their home, a favorite coffee house, the laundromat — or halfway across the globe!

Experience-Driven Spaces:  This category expands on the aforementioned ABW Spaces. According to the pundits, EDSs are a huge trend in workplace design — turning the workday into something much more than simply the time & place for staff to do their…well, "WORK." Organizations are competing to surround themselves with the finest talent available, so they can offer their clients the best & the brighwww. To that end, they are sweetening the pot by creating interesting, stress-relieving, & soul-soothing “team experi¬ences" during that 9 — 5 time-slot. Some of these perks include yoga classes, indoor walking & jogging tracks, coffee bars, game rooms, rock climbing walls, meditation & massage therapy areas, & the¬aters — & that's where CAPTUS SYSTEMS comes-in. We create innovative designs for large display walls, that make any organization’s private theater spectacular. By offering products like Planar displays, Meyer speakers. Cambridge sound-masking, & Lutron shading control, we'll design the perfect in-house theatrical experience that rivals any commercial movie house!

Collaboration Spaces — Huge, Teeny, or Something In-Between: Because of the growing demand for AV-Driven Collaboration Spaces of all sizes – including open-area Town Halls that tie all video displays into 1 event space – it's not only important for an organization to get the equipment right, but also, for the style of its spaces to reflect the overall culture of the corporate environment projected throughout. After all — collaboration spaces are the place that make that initial im¬pression on potential clients – & – where most current clients gather to meet with the team. With that in mind, it is very important for organizations to put their best foot forward on all levels. From the modern technological equipment used to best showcase presentations – to the overall look of the space – we at CAPTUS SYSTEMS combine the very best of meeting room design elements, along with a seamless experience. We do this by assem¬bling a certified engineering team that’s best suited to get your project done beautifully & effectively. We are proud to offer the most state-of-the-art AV technology available on the market today, along with dazzling & efficient design – created by working in tangent our architectural partners. All of these ele¬ments come together to bring forth a showpiece that you & your team will be proud of!

Construction Administration: In order to craft the perfect collaboration workspace for any organization, it is vitally important that the AV components to be used in the build are considered at the very start of a project. For this reason, all AV integration elements should be included at the planning phase of a job, in order to provide for the best possible overall outcome of the space. Working in concert with a project's entire team — from the client, to the AV integration designers, to the architect, to the GCs, to the engineers, to the interior designers…inclusivity with all of the key players from the onset guarantees a more fluid & stable project outcome.
All of these 2019 Workspace Design Trends are here & hot, & we at CAPTUS SYSTEMS are always poised to offer the most modern solutions for any project.