A Little Bit of Luck + A Lot of Ingenuity

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 has come & gone, & people of all backgrounds & cultures were once again proud to proclaim themselves “Irish for a day.” Along with all the green revelry associated with this holiday, it also brings LUCK to mind. Although the expression “The Luck of the Irish” was originally not meant as a flattering one when it was first uttered back in the latter half of the 19th century, it means only good things in modern times. In Gaelic, the phrase “Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat” is one of the many ways of wishing someone ‘good luck’ – with its literal meaning being, ‘That luck may rise with you!’ 

And speaking of luck – it seems that a good measure of it has been following the Audio-Visual industry for the past couple of years, as the increasing demand for tech solutions among both commercial & residential users has consistently trended upward. According to Sean Wargo – Senior Director of Market Intelligence for AVIXA, "The pro-AV industry's continual growth trend shown in the Index supports our Industry Opportunity and Trends Analysis forecasting year-over-year growth. In many ways, the health of the commercial audiovisual industry tracks with U.S. GDP growth. Enterprises are enjoying economic expansion, and many are investing in technology and services that create communication experiences and drive business outcomes." (Quoted from an October 2018 Avixa article.) 

Collaboration has become the most important factor in pro AV, & CAPTUS SYSTEMS delivers the most successful solutions suitable for any type of organization. Meetings are of obvious importance to any enterprise, because that’s where the “business of business” gets done. Goals are set, budgets are determined, processes are created – & even sometimes – milestones are celebrated. As is noted by “Commercial Integrator” in a March 12, 2019, article – following is a list of what’s involved in collaboration at the conceptual level:

–    Shared Focus/Purpose
–    Participation & Sharing
–    Consideration of Alternatives
–    Discussion & Negotiation
–    Problem Solving
–    Consensus Building
–    Proactivity
–    Time Sensitivity

Over the past decade, that which has defined the “meeting experience” has changed drastically in order to fit today’s economical, ecological, & technological requirements. Gone are the gatherings of yesteryear when one presenter took the helm while attendees sat attentively – just listening & taking notes. The modern meeting consists of many participants – all contributing in some way or another – whether they’re right there in the room, or halfway across the globe. This is not just the “meeting formula” of the future…it’s fast becoming the standard protocol of today. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Diligence is the Mother of Good Luck,” & manufacturers in the AV space are working hard to accommodate today’s rapidly changing demands. Luckily, there are already countless tools out there that allow for collaborations to run seamlessly & effectively. Whether it’s for large boardrooms or smaller huddle spaces, Crestron offers leading-edge technology that facilitates the very best in productivity. From display screens, to control hardware, to interconnects, interfaces, & infrastructure – Crestron has it all. (Crestron.com) Ceiling mics are highly desirable apparatus for any modern collaboration space, & they’ve come a long way, baby! Shure & ClearOne are among the manufacturers who offer cutting-edge audio devices. (Shure.com & ClearOne.com) And – with Cloud-based platforms like Starleaf, Cisco Webex, & Zoom – there’s no longer the need for people to fly thousands of miles to attend meetings. (Starleaf.com, Webex.com, & Zoom.us) The term “face-to-face” has truly taken-on a whole new meaning…Close Encounters of a Brand-New Kind!

Today, enterprise collaborations bring together diverse groups that probably would not have been in the position to meet in the past – & when a group of diverse-thinkers gets together, inspiration & ingenuity often flourish. Thinking & being outside of the box naturally lend themselves to openness & creativity. Meetings go beyond the confines of a given space, & at CAPTUS SYSTEMS – we’re excited about the direction in which they’re going!
So…“Sláinte!” (Cheers) to you on this day after St. Patrick’s Day! May the road always rise-up to meet you, & may the wind ever be at your back.
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Thank you!