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Adopting a “Gen Z” State-of-Mind…for the Workplace

Adopting a “Gen Z” State-of-Mind…for the Workplace


By 2020, Gen Z-ers (those born between 1995 – 2015) will account for one-third of the U.S. population – & over the next 10 years, these “digital savants” will be taking-over corporate America. As observed by Michael Dimock in a 2018 Pew Research Center report, “Technology, in particular the rapid evolution of how people communicate and interact, is a generation-shaping consideration.” Gen Z’s intimate knowledge of all-things tech will most likely translate into major utilization of most organizations’ smart infrastructures. So, what does this mean for the (not-so-distant) future of the workplace? Here are just a few examples of what we can expect:


Greater Usage of Collaborative Environments


Videoconferencing solutions are the perfect fit for today’s organizations. The ability to instantly connect & begin a remote meeting with your people – no matter where they are in the world – is hugely beneficial. Because of the increase in popularity in remote collaboration, industry insiders predict that by the year 2022, over 3.5 million units of teleconferencing hardware will ship to users. Platforms like Zoom Rooms, Skype for Business, Go To Meeting, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, StarLeaf, & others, are all good choices when it comes to collaboration software. Some extra benefits of videoconferencing include…saving the cost of travel – & more importantly – cutting-down on the carbon emissions created by transportation vehicles.


The Importance of User Experience (UX)


At CAPTUS SYSTEMS, UX has always been at the top of the list when designing AV systems for our customers. Ease-of-use for any AV solution has to be the main consideration. When talking specifically about Gen Z-ers, they’ve all grown-up with immediate tech responsiveness at the touch of a screen as the norm. For that reason, all AV systems must be incredibly simple & intuitive to use. This is why solutions like the one CAPTUS SYSTEMS helped deliver to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – using a collaboration between Cisco Webex & Lightware technology – have to be the norm in order to keep clients happy.


Increased Flexibility in the Physical Layout of the Office


Stationary work stations are becoming a thing of the past – & flexible workspaces more & more prevalent. And in the AV sector, smaller “Huddle Rooms” are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to traditional massive conference rooms. Greg Clark, CTS, principal consultant with the Sextant Group, sees flexibility in the workplace as an important trend. “Flexibility is key. Companies want to move away from spaces that have finite and specific roles,” he explained. “They want spaces that can do more than one thing; that can be several things.” Jeff Joseph, Global AV Lead of Indeed, agrees & adds, “(Flexible workspaces) call for open communication. Workplace strategy & AV working in harmony will help to ensure that stakeholders are following the same vision.”


Attention-Grabbing Displays


With the current job market being as thriving & competitive as it is, organizations are amping-up the way they try to attract the best talent out there. To that end, many corporate campuses are choosing to use display technology to show-off their goods & services, in bold, unique, & eye-catching ways. Strategically-placed slender flat-panel LED & LCD screens from brands like Planar, LG, & Samsung are making quite an impression on potential employees – Gen Z-ers, & others alike.


Bottom line – CAPTUS SYSTEMS will design, engineer, & build the most on-trend Audio-Visual system for your organization. We are always on top of the latest technology, & will create a solution unique to your specific needs. No matter what “Gen” category you fall under – we’ll make your Audio-Visual technology truly outstanding!


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