Audio, Lighting, HD Video, and AV Control Systems Design

Audio, Lighting, HD Video, and AV Control Systems Design


A common characteristic of the modern economy is disruption. Disruption is defined as “the taking of an established industry with its inherent advantages, and breaking-down barriers for the masses.”

While we’ve all seen the effects of this when we hail a ride from Uber or make a purchase from Amazon, it is also very true in the way which technology has been made available for all organizations.

Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise organizations now have many of the same tools available for them to both compete with, and grow their businesses.

Many of these commercial tools – like their consumer counterparts – invite collaboration, promote ease of use, and typically use audio and video systems to increase their adoption.

Networking companies like Cisco use WebEx Team and compete with Zoom and StarLeaf for the best of breed cloud performance. Audio Visual equipment from industries leaders like BiAmp and Shure have turned the corner to integrate Audio and the Network, using standards like DANTE (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet), in order to provide for the next generation of connected devices. This new age of technology exponentially expands the performance and reduces cost for those experts on both audio and networking.

While complexity seemingly may grow when you scale-up your solutions, audio and visual systems no longer need to be difficult to manage. Ease of use is now the primary objective and requirement.


Creating Scalable Solutions

Let’s say you’re a small startup that’s looking to grow and improve your office in preparation for client visits: One of the first things you’ll need is a meeting or conference room where you can present your latest projects to your investors and clients. Doing so often requires a very capable LCD projector from a reputable company like Christie Digital. However, the products they offer can vary in both price and use, which is why it is so important to create scalable solutions.

As you add more AV devices to your business – be they audio interfaces in a studio, touchscreens for classrooms, or even a building-wide PA system – CAPTUS SYSTEMS can help you design and build the perfect solution for your needs. What’s even more important than simply using the system, is the ability to CONTROL IT. That’s where companies like Extron come-in handy with their audio and visual control interfaces, switches, and other user-friendly systems.


Enterprise Presentation Rooms

Our specialties are in both conference and presentation rooms. Not only can we help you design a smart and comfortable room in which to hold your meetings, but we can also provide you with the correct AV control systems and technologies in order to make it practical as well. We know the importance of making that good first impression to your clients, because you don’t get many opportunities to do so in the world of business.

We work together with industry leaders such as Planar Systems, Extron, and QSC in order to deliver high-quality digital AV control system solutions. From all-in-one tabletop solutions such as the Crestron Mercury, to systems like the Crestron NVX that can manage and distribute digital AV and control signals across your entire office – we’ve got scalable solutions to meet your exact needs no, matter how large or small your operation is.

We specialize in offering high-end solutions for architects and designers, facility managers, general contractors, and also IT and media services managers. We serve several different types of industries, including those in the corporate, legal, financial, healthcare-related, and educational fields. With all that said – whether you’re in need of a service to help you to renovate existing lecture halls at your college or university, to create a brand-new AV control system to assist patients in your healthcare facility, or you’d like to design a luxury conference room to impress your clients – we’ve got the perfect solution for you!