AV For Good

AV For Good


These days, you don’t have to look very far to see how businesses all over the world are stepping-up to help however they can with the Global Pandemic Crisis…& that includes the AV Industry, of which CAPTUS SYSTEMS is proud to be a part. Technology offered by our industry has become so vital to today’s special circumstances. In addition to keeping people connected – both in their professional AND personal lives – there are many other ways that various AV Companies are jumping-in to assist.




CISCOHas pledged $15 million in cash-funding to support Covid-19 relief efforts in the United States & abroad. Cisco has also donated 330,000 N-95 masks to first responders at healthcare facilities in Georgia. Additionally, Cisco is offering forums whereby equipment donations can be made to healthcare institutions – & – any healthcare facilities that need equipment can request it. Whether you’re donating or requesting a donation, you can do so by contacting Cisco via this e-mail address: covid-healthcare-wlan@external.cisco.com


22 MILES:  A digital signage & wayfinding provider, is offering multiple free tools during this crisis. Specifically, it’s offering its mobile Wayfinding App for free to Healthcare Facilities so that patients & healthcare personnel can best navigate said facilities, while avoiding secured areas.


USERFUL:  Is providing free extended platform use to support healthcare & 1st Responders during the Coronavirus Outbreak. Userful’s Virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC) allows cross-site & cross-departmental collaboration, with a virtual video wall that can share secure data, KPIs, & other critical visual information sources in real-time – onto any display.


BEYERDYNAMIC:  Created a system to allow the nursing staff at a prominent NYC hospital to be able to hear alerts from their patients’ monitor alarms, no matter where in the hospital they are. The “UNITE” system has had positive feedback from the staff, which has prompted BEYERDYNAMIC to roll it out onto several more floors. For more information on UNITE, click here: UNITE wireless communication system


ALMO PRO AV & BLOOM EVERGY:  Are working together refurbishing out-of-warranty ventilators, & shipping them wherever needed throughout the U.S.


LOGITECH:  Offered all of the headsets & webcams they had available to K-12 teachers, on a 1st come, 1st served basis.


PEERLESS AV:  Created the SmartMount Flat Panel Cart so that healthcare facilities could update content in real-time, by using a USB Flashdrive to connect to networks.


INNOVOX AUDIO:  Fabricated face shields for Senior Living Communities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota.






CISCO:  Has committed $2.5B in financing to its Customers & Partners, to support business resiliency.


AUDINATE, AVIXA, CEDIA, & EXTRON:  Are all offering free professional development for members, including online courses & certification programs.


ENPLUG:  Is giving new content & resources to its customers to help them get through COVID-19 challenges. Resources include a COVID-19 Awareness App & a Browser Web Player.


CAPTUS SYSTEMS is here to help in any way that we can…today, & after this crisis subsides. Sending-out our gratitude to EVERYONE on this list, & any others whom we might have inadvertently left out. THANK YOU!



Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!