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Back to School: Shorter Than a Goldfish?!

Back to School: Shorter Than a Goldfish?!


A recent study conducted by the Microsoft Corporation found that humans now have an attention span that’s shorter than the 9-seconds attributed to that of a goldfish! Our attention spans have decreased a whopping 33% in the past 2 decades – from 12-seconds in the year 2000, to a mere 8-seconds in 2019. With this in mind, the best way to pique a student’s interest is by conforming to an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality. And to that end – the best way to capture the attention & imaginations of today’s students is by throwing-in some Audio-Visual stimulation.


AV – Enticing Students With What They Already Know:  The use of smart phones, tablets, laptops, & the like have become so commonplace among today’s school-aged population, that it makes complete sense they’d be more apt to be attentive in classrooms equipped with Audio-Visual enhancements. Two-thirds of students surveyed agreed that the sights, sounds, & interactivity of video walls, wireless presentation systems, & whiteboards truly heighten their learning experience. These systems not only create dynamic & immersive learning environments, but they also allow for collaboration with students, teachers, & institutions from afar. In the arena of higher education, colleges & universities are even using “upgraded technology” to entice potential undergrads to attend their particular establishments


AV’s Increasing Role in the Classroom:  Audio-Visual technology is playing more & more of an integral role within the hallowed halls of academia, from K-1 – through Grad School – & beyond. According to AVIXA’s Marketing Opportunity Analysis Report on Education (MOAR) – almost half of those surveyed reported that the use of AV technology undeniably increases their engagement & participation in a learning environment. This is a natural fit for today’s learners, who spend such a large percentage of their non-academic hours on devices driven by technology. In order to grab the attention of today’s students, educators must harmonize with the tech-driven reality of those whom they serve.


Classroom Collaboration:  Legrand AV is just one of the many companies that make collaborative classrooms possible. The Legrand AV brands of Chief, Da-Lite, Middle Atlantic, & Vaddio can provide classrooms with a multitude of AV solutions that’ll get even the least-interested student to perk-up. In addition to using the latest AV hardware…bigger spaces like lecture halls provide optimum spots for livestreaming content using Cloud-based platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, & Cisco WebEx – to name a few. And of course – lecture halls are also the perfect spaces for setting-up projectors & screens, making Audio-Visual teaching opportunities easier than ever!  (legrandav.com)


Bottom line: It’s all about getting students excited about education, which can be accomplished by improving the quality of their visual & auditory learning. A study done by the International Society for Technology in Education found ample proof that academic performance is highly enhanced by presenting digital content used in tandem with traditional teaching practices. Can’t be in the classroom? That’s okay, because AV technology is a terrific tool that allows for teachers to provide lessons for off-premise learners. A product such as the Robo TRAK Presenter Tracking System from Legrand AV provides smooth & precise panning & tilting motion that accurately follows an instructor as they move around the space – whether it’s from a small classroom or a large auditorium.


The expertise & knowledge that the CAPTUS SYSTEMS team provides, can easily facilitate the design & integration of the very best in AV-enriched classrooms. If your institution needs a technology refresh, we’ve got the grades to make it happen for you!


Yeah. You’ve just been schooled.


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