Simplified Control at Your Fingertips

Simplified Control at Your Fingertips

Control & Automation

Start via auto-schedule or use your phone to operate the system at the office.

Save time & energy & create a better user experience.

Control Your Environment with the Touch of a Button!

Control Protocols

New control protocols allow your Team to use personal devices to control the room.

Open-Source Programming

Captus Systems will implement open-source programming to ensure that you’re in control.

Automated Functions

We’ll create impressive, automated spaces for your organization that will work seamlessly.

Automation Can Include:

  • Automatic Meeting Start
  • Scheduled/Automatic System Shutdown
  • No-Touch Automation, Using Your Own Device
  • Automatic/Daylight Shading Control
  • Room Scheduling – Improves Efficiency
  • Audio & Video Controls
  • Remote Access for Service & Support


Captus Systems will develop workflows that will optimize your Team’s experience. We don’t overcomplicate functionality – instead, you can rest assured that everything a room needs is available & connected.


Captus Systems creates workflows that will optimize your Team’s experience.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!

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