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Captus Systems Case Studies

Captus Systems Case Studies

Captus Systems Case Studies

“Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.”

– Elon Musk

From nationally recognized leading Healthcare Facilities – to Global Entertainment Brands – to World-Class Financial Institutions – to Institutes of Higher Learning – & many, many others…CAPTUS SYSTEMS is proud to be involved in a variety of interesting Audio-Visual projects. From initial concept, to design, to engineering, to building, installation, & service… we do it ALL – & we do it BRILLIANTLY! Below you’ll find 3 examples of how our Captus Systems Team created innovative, viable solutions for the following clients:

World-Renowned Leading Cancer Center

Hundreds of rooms are deployed over many buildings & campuses in the NY Tri-State Area. When a new standard is developed for the AV technology, it means that the support teams have to add new knowledge to the support process, & inevitably, they’ll have to retrain users on new systems.


CAPTUS SYSTEMS designed & set-up a working demonstration system, using an owner-provided Cisco WebEx Teams system and display. Additionally, we worked with both the architect & the content consultant, to deliver a 24’ x 8’ video wall behind a “Luminoso” Welcome Wall in the lobby of this brand-new, State of the Art, World-Renowned Cancer Facility. Captus Systems’ cutting-edge thinking provided exactly what this client was looking-for – a simplified & people-friendly AV system & process for all.

International NY-Based Non-Profit Media Company

This leading media company was challenged with providing optimal video conference experiences using PC-based systems. These challenges kept the organization from moving forward with requested room upgrades.


By working with the organization’s Senior IT Management, CAPTUS SYSTEMS developed a standard that was first presented as a fully working demonstration system, & then deployed throughout. This system included a single Dante-enabled tabletop microphone, tabletop controller with GUI, two speakers, new 4K display, & wireless presentation tool that supports 60fps. The result…everyone was happy – (including the Grouch).

Global Maker and Distributor of Branded Spirits

The Marketing Department of this spirits enterprise required a display in the reception area that was big enough for staff members to see as they walked by the screen. They wanted passers-by to be able to view their Social Media “LIVE FEEDS” from all of their platforms…Twitter, FaceBook, etc.


CAPTUS SYSTEMS designed a custom powder-coated, free-standing frame base for a 5’ x 13’ Video Wall – with the final overall size being 13’ wide x 8’ tall. The feature that truly made the difference was a little-known aspect of the video wall itself:  The ability to bring sources up to the display without the limit of a screen bezel. This feature saved over $50K of added cost, over a more traditional approach. Captus Systems’ signature “thinking outside of the box” approach empowered us to create an end-result that went beyond this client’s expectations.

Bottom Line:

There is no AV challenge too big (or too small) for our Team of experts. If you’ve got a technical dilemma, CAPTUS SYSTEMS will solve it for you – while at the same time creating the most innovative & contemporary Audio-Visual Integration possible. We make sure that all of our clients’ AV Tech stands-out far above the rest! Exceptional AUDIO quality, crystal-clear VIDEO, PEOPLE-FRIENDLY outcomes, unparalleled PROJECT MANAGEMENT, & extraordinary CUSTOMER SERVICE…that’s our mission, & our promise.

Yeah. We’ve got this!


Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

CAPTUS SYSTEMS pioneers as the foremost Audio Visual Design Company, revolutionizing Audio Visual Projects by merging them with an IT core. Our foundation lies in leading-edge Technology, delivering excellence through a blend of expertise and professionalism. With a focus on AV, IT, and Unified Communications Systems, we bring innovation to every project. Welcome to AV2.0 where cutting-edge solutions await.

At Captus Systems, our elite team comprises industry experts in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate services, and Administration. With a track record of designing and implementing cost-effective solutions for global leaders in Healthcare, Media, Technology, Higher Education, and Legal sectors, our collective leadership experience spans over 120 years.

What We Do

CAPTUS SYSTEMS consistently achieves exceptional outcomes through our meticulously crafted Captus Systems Design Process (CDP). This structured approach guarantees the fulfillment of all project requirements, culminating in top-tier audio quality, crisp video output, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, unparalleled customer service, and exemplary project management. Take advantage of our complimentary design services to streamline your project budgeting and planning.

Why Captus Systems

Captus Systems surpasses expectations by leveraging proven best practices and processes to value engineer and deliver cutting-edge AV2.0 solutions, connecting people to unified solutions seamlessly. Our services encompass design, consulting, delivery, installation, project management, and ongoing system support.

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