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CAPTUS SYSTEMS: Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

CAPTUS SYSTEMS: Connecting All People To Unified Solutions


What’s Important To You Is What’s MOST Important To Us…
Exceptional AUDIO quality, crystal-clear VIDEO, EASE OF USE, unparalleled project management, and extraordinary customer service throughout.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the first Audio-Visual Design Company founded to approach Audio-Visual Projects from an IT core. We are an AV Design & Build Firm that leads with Technology – and Delivers with People, High Ethics, and Professionalism. We have the expertise to design and deliver AV, IT, and Unified Communications Solutions ANYWHERE. Welcome to AV 2.0!


The Hallmarks of a CAPTUS SYSTEMS Audio + Video Conference Room:

  • Perfect Audio – everyone on a call can be heard with crystal clarity, no matter where they are
  • Perfect Video – camera angles are set-up so that meeting participants appear to have a seat at the table
  • Ease of Operation – calls can be scheduled to connect, based on calendar invitations
  • Good Looking – beautiful design that always includes no visible wires


Make Your Voice Heard – Clearly:

While every microphone is not perfect for every space, CAPTUS SYSTEMS will help you select the correct microphone for your room, based on all possible variables…ceiling height, number of persons in attendance, wall & floor coverings, etc.
Innovations in microphone technology mean that the future of mics will be as networked devices. CAPTUS SYSTEMS believes in the power of the network, and now the microphone is becoming a part of the IOT (Internet of Things) family.
DANTE – (Digital Audio Network through Ethernet) is a combination of software, hardware, & network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard ethernet network cable using Layer 3 IP packets. To CAPTUS SYSTEMS, DANTE means that microphones can be easily and cost-effectively deployed, to provide the best user experience available today. 
Ceiling microphones that fit perfectly into a 2×2 tile have the power of over 100 traditional microphones.  When these are combined with algorithms programmed into latest Digital Signal Processors “DSP,” the result is a speaker heard with uncompromising perfection…and PERFECTION is what we strive for!


Captivate with Video:

Video Conferencing has become the standard form of corporate communication. Whether implementing a classic video codec (using Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize), using a PC-based solution for Cloud video conferencing (using Skype for Business, ZOOM, StarLeaf), or just calling into an audio bridge – every user experience is the same. CAPTUS SYSTEMS ensures that the VIDEO in your conference room will perform as intended, & will EXCEED all expectations!
In addition to collaboration solutions – Digital Signage & Video Wall Displays both have the power to captivate. And, each have several applications – like Reinforcing Brand, Announcing Upcoming Events & News, & Welcoming Participants to your gathering.
CAPTUS SYSTEMS knows that the aesthetic matters most where video is concerned. We will get you the perfect technology for your use, so that the power of your content is delivered to the appropriate audience throughout your enterprise.



The Harvard Business Review surveyed business leaders worldwide about how collaboration is changing within their organizations. 72% of those polled said that they’re investing in “easier to use” collaboration solutions – because 64% asked reported that collaboration with external parties has “increased in importance.” At CAPTUS SYSTEMS, we believe in technology that puts Ease Of Use at the top of the list so you can focus on what really matters. 
With platforms like Cisco Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom, & others – you’ll be collaborating seamlessly in no time. CAPTUS SYSTEMS offers training for everyone on your team, so you’ll be left with no questions or confusion about how to implement your new technology.


Bottom Line:

Our CAPTUS SYSTEMS Team designs and delivers cost-effective Audio-Visual & IT solutions for the world’s leading companies & organizations in the Healthcare, Media, Technology, Corporate, Higher Education, Entertainment, & Legal sectors. We have more than 120 years of combined industry leadership experience on our Team, which allows us to pass-along our expertise & knowledge to our customers so that we can always deliver SUPERB RESULTS. 

CAPTUS SYSTEMS consistently exceeds expectations by using technology-proven best practices and processes, so we can value-engineer and deliver AV 2.0. CAPTUS SYSTEMS = Converging Solutions + Streaming Brilliance.

Yeah. We’ve got that!


Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

CAPTUS SYSTEMS pioneers as the foremost Audio Visual Design Company, revolutionizing Audio Visual Projects by merging them with an IT core. Our foundation lies in leading-edge Technology, delivering excellence through a blend of expertise and professionalism. With a focus on AV, IT, and Unified Communications Systems, we bring innovation to every project. Welcome to AV2.0 where cutting-edge solutions await.

At Captus Systems, our elite team comprises industry experts in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate services, and Administration. With a track record of designing and implementing cost-effective solutions for global leaders in Healthcare, Media, Technology, Higher Education, and Legal sectors, our collective leadership experience spans over 120 years.

What We Do

CAPTUS SYSTEMS consistently achieves exceptional outcomes through our meticulously crafted Captus Systems Design Process (CDP). This structured approach guarantees the fulfillment of all project requirements, culminating in top-tier audio quality, crisp video output, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, unparalleled customer service, and exemplary project management. Take advantage of our complimentary design services to streamline your project budgeting and planning.

Why Captus Systems

Captus Systems surpasses expectations by leveraging proven best practices and processes to value engineer and deliver cutting-edge AV2.0 solutions, connecting people to unified solutions seamlessly. Our services encompass design, consulting, delivery, installation, project management, and ongoing system support.

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