Distant Socializing: The Importance of Staying Connected


As humans, our social bonds are so important to our overall well-being. Even during the time of the earliest homo sapiens, our social groups helped to form us individually & as communities. 50,000 years ago there were 50 people in our tribe – which multiplied to 200,000 in kingdoms – to the billions with whom we now share experiences via technology. It is of the utmost importance as a society, for us to build & maintain our social connections – even at times when it appears to be more difficult.



So let’s flip things around: While complying with the need for “Social Distancing,” let’s also consider how to best do “Distant Socializing.” And in these modern times, it’s easier than ever before! Today’s collaboration technology helps us to reach-out beyond the physical limitations of geography. With it, we can stay connected to one-another – whether it be via Social Media, Video Conferencing, Texting, E-mailing, or Teleconferencing. With today’s advanced tech tools, we can share experiences like watching movies, listening to music, streaming TV shows, or gaming – even if we’re not in the same room or venue. At CAPTUS SYSTEMS, we enable our clients to stay connected through our expert knowledge of advanced collaboration technologies. We may not be the ones making the movies or TV shows – but our work supports those who do. We may not be the ones healing cancer patients – but our work supports those who do. We may not actually build, own, or manage corporate real estate – but our work supports the ones who do…& so on.


Connecting people is what CAPTUS SYSTEMS is all about, & society’s social & professional connections are at the very foundation of our humanity. Even though our “normal” is a bit different now than what it was just a few short weeks ago, our priorities & the need to reach-out to one-another have not changed – even in times of “Social Distancing.” So let’s do the best “Distant Socializing” we can! CAPTUS SYSTEMS will help you maintain your focus on keeping those vital connections, & are happy to help in any way that we can.


Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!