Do You Have a Systems Recovery Plan?

Do You Have a Systems Recovery Plan?
Do You Have a Systems Recovery Plan?

Your offices have been vacant for a long time, & your teams may be slowly making a return to the workplace. Video Teleconferencing has never been more important than it is now, & Captus Systems is here to help you to get things back up & running as quickly & smoothly as possible. Even though much of the workforce may still be producing from home, being able to continue to have easy & clear communication with your colleagues & clients is vital to your business.

Now is the time to reach-out to Captus Systems to get your AV Systems dusted-off & ready to go! We will help you to prepare & execute your Systems Recovery Plan, to…

  • Ensure that all systems are working properly
  • Update all applicable firmware & security patches
  • Confirm existing functionality & add new functionality, driven by the current environment
  • Provide & install all necessary equipment & software to aid in Social Distancing conventions, like Workplace Allocation
  • Integrate Temperature-Sensing Equipment for employee safety
  • Manage inventory of the existing products installed within your system
  • Provide plans for upgrades
  • Create an On-Site Support Plan for new systems &/or existing technology for preventative maintenance & service
  • Provide Risk Management & report about any items that may be near End-of-Life or Out of Warranty, while providing suggestions for upgrades

Bottom Line:

Captus Systems is unique in the that we approach all of our projects – from an I.T. Core. It’s what we call “AV 2.0.” We use our knowledge & expertise to best support & deliver to our customers. What’s important to you IS what’s most important to us – & right now, teleconferencing is at the top of the list. Captus Systems is ready & perfectly poised to help your organization get back up to speed!

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!