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Fashion + AV = Va-Va-Va-VOOM!

Fashion + AV = Va-Va-Va-VOOM!


New York’s Fashion Week for Spring 2020 was held earlier this month & as usual, was a multi-sensory, smashing success! The over-the-top pageantry wowed audiences, fashionistas, buyers, industry leaders, & designers alike. Ever more present in these shows – in addition to the actual garments worn by ethereal models – is the role played by Audio-Visual Technology as an entertaining & off-time crucial cast-member.



AV on the Catwalk:  From bright, pixel-rich visuals blaring from huge video & LED screens – to the accompanying music – audio-visual presentations have become an obvious partner to the characters on the catwalk. Fashion designers are employing elaborate AV displays to serve as backdrops & help establish the themes of their collections – adding even more ZING to their shows. Planar, LG, BrightSign, NEC, & others, all offer brilliant screens that make fabulous additions to any fashion happening.



Brick & Mortar Fashion:  In addition to exclusive runway shows, digital signage usage has become more & more prevalent in fashion retail spaces. This type of messaging has seductive powers, & can be used for several applications: Reinforcing brand, keeping customers entertained while waiting on line, announcing offers & sales, enticing potential clients to step-in to a store, & in some cases – it can be used as interactive shopping “helpers.” Whatever the intent, it’s obvious that digital signage is far more effective than the traditional static signage of yesteryear. A report by the Intel Corporation found that digital signage displays capture 400% more views than the more traditional static signage – & that will definitely get you more bang for your buck!


Go-Ahead…Wow Me:  Today’s consumers have come to expect engaging & immersive experiences, because we have all become increasingly comfortable & reliant on digital technology in our day-to-day lives. The presence of AV usage in retail spaces has certainly come a long way from the early digital signage solutions of the 1990s & early 2000s, when content was displayed on screens from DVD & VHS media players. Customers generally consider unique & engaging AV displays as positive retail experiences. These types of attention-grabbers do a great job of dazzling shoppers, & encouraging them return to those retailers.     



Specifically, technologies that are making the biggest impact in retail right now are touchscreens & LED screens. “Like all technology it’s about finding the right fit,” says Clas Dyrholm – CEO & Co-Founder of Reafiction (a Danish supplier of Mixed Reality & 3D Holographic Displays for the retail sector). Dyrholm adds that “…finding technology that can help drive sales in a time when sales are hard to come-by. In our world, impact often begins as a WOW factor. Once you stop people with the WOW factor, it then becomes about conversion. If the technology communicates & nudges people into engaging with the actual products, then you will see that conversion." And that’s what it’s all about!


Retail’s Gotta Have It:  Generally speaking, nowhere are the expectations as high & the rewards as rich as in the retail space. Creating an unforgettable in-store experience has become more important than ever, as so much of brick-and-mortar shopping has gone the way of mobile browsing & purchasing. Clothing stores MUST have dynamic & interactive experiences in order to compete within this crowded space, & the best way to draw-in & keep consumers is through bright, bold, & motion-driven visuals – often accompanied by clear & captivating audio. This is why discerning retailers are putting their trust in AV Integrators to deliver what they need in order to compete – & CAPTUS SYSTEMS always delivers the very best in all verticals. CAPTUS SYSTEMS can create the completely immersive, interactive AV experiences that today’s retailers demand – & we do it with extensive industry knowledge, creativity, & professionalism to back us up. Whatever audio-visual solution your brand requires – we’ve got you covered: Interactive touchscreens & tablets, fully automated control, digital signage players, ultra-thin bezel displays, video walls, LED walls, acoustics solutions, speakers, etc. You name it – CAPTUS SYSTEMS will take care of all of your AV needs! 

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