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George, Abe, & Sviatovid – Innovators & Innovation

George, Abe, & Sviatovid – Innovators & Innovation

Just as George Washington & Abraham Lincoln were among the most brilliant thinkers & innovators of their time, so too are the talented men & women who are the inventors, conceivers, creators, & designers of today. At this particular moment in history – the newest, fastest, brightest, & most dazzling technology known to mankind comes at us at the speed of light – & the Audio-Visual sector is no exception. Regarding this very topic, the 2019 ISE has now come & gone…& with it, came introductions to the AV Industry’s most exciting new technology to date. With more than 81,000 AV enthusiasts in attendance – this year’s Audio-Visual extravaganza set records – including attracting more than 27,000 newcomers to the annual techie event. With all that “tech-tivity” & buzz happening in one place, you can imagine the voluminous tally of new technology that was presented at this year’s show!


Following is just a small sampling of some of the hot-off-the-press Audio-Visual tools introduced at ISE2019: (Not in any particular order of greatness!)


Samsung’s QLED 8K Digital Signage – The first of its kind from Samsung, this product is expected to have quite an impact on the commercial digital signage industry! With it’s 8K display, “…businesses can deliver impeccable picture quality to their audiences in a way that was previously not possible,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive VP of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business. Using its “Q Contrast” capabilities, the QLED 8K delivers depth & picture detail never seen before – no matter what the surrounding ambient lighting may be.  samsung.com


NEC75” Ultra High Definition Commercial Display – And speaking of breakthroughs in the display arena – this new one from NEC has amazing features, including its modern, polished design, 350 cd/m2 brightness, a SpectraView engine, & future-proof modular expansion…among others. Along with real-time temperature sensors & integrated cooling fans to help maintain the quality necessary for commercial environments – NEC once again proves itself an industry leader in this product category.  necdisplay.com


Navori IPR (Insane Performance Rendering) Digital Signage Platform – The 8K digital signage software from Navori debuted at ISE2019. This platform makes it possible to drive 8K video walls of four clusters of 4K digital signage from a single media player. Based on the company’s 64-bit player software & optimized PC hardware, the performance rendering capabilities are unparalleled!  navori.com


Oblong’s Mezzanine Series – This brand-new series of in-room connectivity appliances is being touted as one of the industry’s “most ground-breaking & directional meeting room solutions,” &, “…the most revolutionary product seen in the AV Industry for a very long time,” (- Robin van Meeuwenm CEO of T.I.G.), As was announced at the 2019 ISE – the Mezzanine Series of solutions is now available in multiple form factors – from their 200 Series (for 2 screens), up to their 600 series (for 6 screens). Offering features that include 1x gigabit network ports, 2x Bluetooth LE receivers, 120 GB solid-state drives, & Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating systems – Oblong’s Mezzanine Series is sure to be a game-changer for collaborations everywhere.  oblong.com


Shure Systems’ Designer 3.1 Software – Surely a feather in their cap, this new Shure Systems Designer Software is proud to have been named the 2019 TNT Award-Winner for Project Management & Design/Web Software at this year’s show. Promising to make conferencing workflow effortless, Designer 3.1 brings your people together – no matter where they are. The short & the sweet of it…this software prize-winner makes for a more intuitive collaboration experience over-all.  shure.com


Atlas IED’s SHS (Strategically Hidden Speaker) – A true standout in the audio field, what these speakers do best is hide in plain sight! Architects will love to use the IED SHS for their projects because of its chameleon-esque qualities. The speakers themselves look like a sprinkler head, & can also be 3D-printed to match any ceiling,  graphic image or photograph, or any Pantone color. You’ll love NOT seeing Atlas’ stealthy new device!  atlasied.com


Kramer Electronics’ Kramer Kronos – Also introduced at ISE2019, is Kramer’s new secure, enterprise-class cloud-based room booking & scheduling platform. This product automates & streamlines the management side of booking spaces – & when used with Kramer Control, people can use the space’s availability as a trigger for automatically controlling room elements. Most importantly, the Kramer Kronos system is completely secure, utilizing 802.1x & TLS encryption throughout the system’s communication channels. Simply put – you book your meeting, & when you arrive at the room – everything is already set…just the way you like it!  kramerav.com


Bart Kreska’s Sviatovid Sculpture – This example is on the more fun & artsy side of the AV tech spectrum, & its presence at the ISE was not only a mesmerizing showpiece, but it also showcased the newest in video mapping projection capabilities onto 3D objects. The debut of this sculpture set a new benchmark in Audio-Visual art-making, which is becoming a growing discipline among creatives. Sviatovid was illuminated using 4 Panasonic PT-RQ32 4K, 30,000lm laser projectors, & as you can see from the photo above – Kreska’s sculpture was truly a vision to behold! Standing at approximately 15’ high – & strategically placed at the entrance of the 2019ISE conference center – what a bright, bold, & powerful statement it made!  https://www.iseurope.org/show-event/bart-kresa-sviatovid-feb5/


All developed by the incredibly talented pioneers & trailblazers of our industry – the items listed above are just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovative contributions that were lauded at this year’s ISE. What an exciting time for all-things Audio Visual! We at CAPTUS SYSTEMS, are dedicated to informing our readers throughout the year about the most up-to-date information regarding new developments in the AV Industry. But above all else – we are dedicated to delivering THE BEST designs & solutions that will make your AV dreams & goals come true. We like to call it “AV 2.0.” Give us a call – & let’s start a conversation about what we can do for you!  212-400-1616

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