Hail to the Moms!

Hail to the Moms!




“Moms are the ‘Essential Workers’ of the soul.”


Faith Salie, CBS Morning Show


Yesterday was Mother’s Day, & for millions of us, we honored our Mothers (or were honored) from afar. We paused in our own ways to celebrate the women who have played the most important role in our lives. Throughout history, women have been the caregivers in society, & those responsibilities have grown exponentially of late. During these unprecedented times, there is even more pressure being put on women & moms, who are being tasked to go above & beyond the usual care-giving routines of everyday life.



Because of school closures and many of us from home, everyday life is looking very different these days. Kitchen tables have become classrooms & offices, & living rooms are now conference spaces. Whether working remotely or not, the challenges for women at this particular moment in history have increased substantially…balancing jobs, caring for children & helping them with home-schooling – on top of still having to take care of many day-to-day household tasks. Altogether, the addition of these new roles has created new layers of responsibilities to daily routines – & most likely, has also added stress.


Even though we cannot physically connect with others who are going through similar challenges, it is of vital importance to our well-being to stay in-touch with as many people as possible. We as humans are neurobiologically hard-wired to be connected with others in our species. And since so many of us cannot satisfy this need physically at this time, we are fortunate to be living in a time that technology is advanced in such a way as to help us to easily engage with others. It is of vital importance to give one-another support & to help keep each-other positive. Social Media is playing a very important role in keeping women – & all of us – connected with one-another as a society. All of our tech devices – smartphones, laptops, & tablets – have become the common thread to staying in touch with the rest of humanity. We truly all are IN THIS TOGETHER, & we need to reach-out to one-another to be reminded of that!


CAPTUS SYSTEMS would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the incredible, strong, resilient, brave, & beautiful women in our lives. THANK YOU!!! You are all Superheroes in so many ways! And to repeat Faith Salie once again, “You are the ESSENTIAL WORKERS of the SOUL!” With your loving support & strength – we WILL get through this!



Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!