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How’d We Get Here?

How’d We Get Here?

How did we get here?

How about a visit to one of 2019’s Audio-Visual Trade Shows? See for yourself – the newest, most advanced, ear & eye-popping AV products of the year. Below are just a few of the industry events being offered over the next few months:  (And, we’ll continue to post information about future conferences throughout the year.)


NFMT:  Baltimore, MD, March 26 – 28, nfmt.com/Baltimore

DSE (Digital Sign Expo):  Las Vegas, NV, March 26 – 29, digitalsignageexpo.net

NAB Show:  Las Vegas, NV, April 6 – 11, nabshow.com

Crestron Masters US:  Uncasville, CT, April 9-11, crestron.com/Events

HTSA Spring Conference:  Chandler, AZ, April 15 – 18, htsa.com/events/

OneSight Summit:  Boston, MA, May 28 – 30, 1nsightsummit.com

Infocomm:  Orlando, FL, June 8 – 14, infocommshow.org

SUNY Technology Conference:  Lake Placid, NY, June 17 – 20, stc.suny.edu

Cisco Live:  San Diego, CA, June 9 – 13, ciscolive.cisco.com/us/


As time marches-on, expectations grow ever higher. This has never been more evident than it is today – as is exemplified by the ever-dynamic world of technology. With the invention of the first practical telephone, Alexander Graham Bell opened-up communication in a way that the world had never before seen nor could have even dreamed-of. Bell was awarded the patent for his talkie-triumph on March 7, 1876…& the telephone has since metamorphosized many times over.  

Although the basic premise of the telephone itself has never changed – as the device itself gets smarter, more convenient, & more multi-functional – consumer expectations increase with every new iteration. Long gone are the days when phones were used for, well…just talking. Today’s personal communication devices have more computing power packed inside of them than the Apollo 11 spaceship – which took our Astronauts to the moon & back.

Some Tech Trivia:  Believe it or not, Alexander Graham Bell himself played an important role in the history of Video Conferencing – by first developing the concept in the late 1870s. The Bell Telephone Company – along with AT&T – then began actual work on Video Phones in the late 1920s.

In Germany in the 1930s, initial experiments with Video Conferencing began in earnest. Fast-forward to the early 1970s, when still photos were sent over phone lines – which was when AT&T introduced its “Picturephone” service to the public*. Although far removed from the technology of today, these rudimentary steps were the building blocks that went toward creating the current state of the Audio-Visual industry. My, how we have grown! (*Source: UK’s “Business Matters Magazine,” January 8, 2015.)

Through the ages, the Audio-Visual industry has developed by leaps & bounds, & one of CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ preeminent missions is to consistently be on the cutting-edge of collaboration technology. The products offered by AV manufacturers today are astonishing, & can certainly be likened to the wow-factor of Bell’s very first telephone. With the advancement of telecommunications moving at the speed of light, CAPTUS SYSTEMS prides itself on the ability to stay on top & ahead of the curve. Because we approach all projects from an IT Core, we have both the expertise & eagerness to outfit your organization with THE MOST MODERN Audio-Visual tools available today!

So…if you can, get yourself to an AV Trade Show – & we promise you’ll be amazed! Check-out the goods, kick the tires, & take your favorites for a spin – then give us a call at CAPTUS SYSTEMS. We’ll outfit your enterprise with whatever your Audio-Visual dreams desire! You can contact us at 212-400-1616 – or via e-mail, at hello@captussystems.com.


Thank you!


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CAPTUS SYSTEMS pioneers as the foremost Audio Visual Design Company, revolutionizing Audio Visual Projects by merging them with an IT core. Our foundation lies in leading-edge Technology, delivering excellence through a blend of expertise and professionalism. With a focus on AV, IT, and Unified Communications Systems, we bring innovation to every project. Welcome to AV2.0 where cutting-edge solutions await.

At Captus Systems, our elite team comprises industry experts in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate services, and Administration. With a track record of designing and implementing cost-effective solutions for global leaders in Healthcare, Media, Technology, Higher Education, and Legal sectors, our collective leadership experience spans over 120 years.

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CAPTUS SYSTEMS consistently achieves exceptional outcomes through our meticulously crafted Captus Systems Design Process (CDP). This structured approach guarantees the fulfillment of all project requirements, culminating in top-tier audio quality, crisp video output, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, unparalleled customer service, and exemplary project management. Take advantage of our complimentary design services to streamline your project budgeting and planning.

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Captus Systems surpasses expectations by leveraging proven best practices and processes to value engineer and deliver cutting-edge AV2.0 solutions, connecting people to unified solutions seamlessly. Our services encompass design, consulting, delivery, installation, project management, and ongoing system support.

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