Hut – Hut – Hut! The Corporate Huddle


So – what exactly is a Corporate Huddle? Better known as a Huddle Room or Huddle Space – “It is a small, casual space equipped with collaboration technology, where a limited number of people can meet, (usually up to six), on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.” as defined by Cisco. Looking to optimize your available space? Huddle Rooms have a number of advantages, like lower facilities, electronics, & equipment costs – which combined, lead to an overall smaller carbon footprint for any organization. These economized meeting spaces are perfect for modern office floor plans, which are tending towards more flexible work areas that can be reconfigured – instead of the traditional stationary office/cubicle models of the past. The use of Huddle Spaces optimizes real estate, making work-area flow much more functional.


The deployment of Huddle Spaces is providing a whole new category of opportunities for companies & AV integrators alike – which makes it an exciting time for employees, architects, interior designers, & the AV tech industry. According to a “State of Enterprise Meeting Rooms” report by Wainhouse Research*, the desire for Huddle Rooms is opening-up the potential for the creation of 30 – 50M new Huddle Spaces over the next few years. The ratio of Huddle Room development is now 25:1 – as opposed to the need for larger “traditional” conference rooms, which is now 800:1. That’s quite a telling statistic!


The current commercial Audio-Visual customer is specifically looking for the following:


•             The ability to Share Content Wirelessly

•             Ease-of-use for making calls or joining meetings – without the hassle of having to schedule an organization’s large meeting space

•             A solution that can be deployed at a smaller scale, which is easy to install & manage

•             The ability to set-up meetings at a moment’s notice

•             Lower collaboration costs


Huddle Spaces give organizations the ability for its people to share content locally, by connecting with lifelike video & audio. Cisco Webex Room Kits are the perfect solution to several Huddle Space configurations.

Cisco’s Room Kit technology allows for…

•             The Perfect Capture of participants sitting close to the screen

•             Automatic Fish-Eye Correction

•             Directional Microphones

•             Background Noise Reduction

•             Intelligent Framing for Clearer Communication

•             Auto-Detection of the people in the room

•             Waking-up of the system when one enters the space…a system which greets & guides the participants

•             4K Content Sharing at 30 frames per second

•             Joining any Videoconference by USB for BYO Conferencing


New technology is not about adding more; it is about needing less**. If your organization is looking to create a more modern workplace by using Huddle Spaces, CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the perfect fit for the task. We have the expertise to design, engineer, & install collaboration spaces of ANY size – from Huddles to Large Conference Rooms. For us – size really does not matter!


Yeah. We’ve Got This!


* Wainhouse Research is an organization which analyzes market trends, technologies, products, vendors, applications, & related services in the Unified Communications & Rich-Media Conferencing fields.

**A statement made by Crestron Electronics