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I’ll Take “CAPTUS SYSTEMS” for $2,000…

I’ll Take “CAPTUS SYSTEMS” for $2,000…

Jeopardy’s  latest phenom contestant, James Holzhauer, has to be at the very top of his game to in order to surpass his incredible 22-show winning-streak. The CAPTUS SYSTEMS Team is also on a winning-streak – & at the top of the AV industry!
CAPTUS SYSTEMS continues to implement the latest & greatest tech offered, in order to improve the video experience for its clients. Whether it’s Cisco, Zoom, or Skype for Business – our Team is at the forefront of knowledge & expertise. With training from manufacturers like Crestron, Shure, & Biamp – CAPTUS SYSTEMS delivers exceptional & seamless AV solutions to the people that use our systems. (cisco.com, zoom.com, skype.com/en/business/, crestron.com, shure.com, biamp.com)

To continue with the sharing of Audio-Visual knowledge, we offer our latest installment of “Tech-Pardy,” which is inspired by the Jeopardy TV game show. Get those buzzers ready! 



ANSWER (QUESTION):    What is Lightware’s Newest Matrix Switcher?
If this is your answer, then you are CORRECT: “Lightware’s Newest Matrix Switcher” is a smaller-sized matrix switcher which has four HDMI inputs & two independent HDMI outputs. The device is compact, & fully 4K/UHD/3D capable & HDCP compliant. Additionally, the MMX4X2-HDMI has a built-in Event Manager, which is configurable via Lightware’s Controller software. Other features of note also include:
–    Cisco VC Room Integration Compatablity
–    Advanced Control Feature Pack for 3rd -Party Video Conference Collaboration
–    Command Injection on RS-232 & IR Ports
You can get further details about this product by clicking on the following link:

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ANSWER (QUESTION):    What is Biamp’s AV Monitoring & Management Platform for Enterprise?

If you answered “Biamp’s AV Monitoring & Management Platform for Enterprise,” then you are CORRECT! SageVue provides a comprehensive overview of all Tesira & Devio devices connected to a network. Features include the ability for SageVue to utilize one or more of the network interfaces of the host machine, & a fully featured RESTful API for integration to Network Management Systems. (Please note – the end-user must have Tesira, TesiraFORTE, or TesiraLUX training in order to have download access to SageVue.) For more information on Biamp’s SageVue, please click the following link:  https://www.biamp.com/new-products
At CAPTUS SYSTEMS, not only do we know & truly understand all of today’s most modern AV technology, systems, & processes – but we also put them into play for all of our projects. We always make sure to familiarize our clients with the latest in AV tech, so they can make the most informed decisions regarding their AV/Collaboration solutions. Our CAPTUS SYSTEMS Team has the expertise & skills essential to making our customers’ AV dreams come true! Give us a call at 212-400-1616, or drop us a line at Hello@Captus SystemsSystems.com.


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Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

CAPTUS SYSTEMS pioneers as the foremost Audio Visual Design Company, revolutionizing Audio Visual Projects by merging them with an IT core. Our foundation lies in leading-edge Technology, delivering excellence through a blend of expertise and professionalism. With a focus on AV, IT, and Unified Communications Systems, we bring innovation to every project. Welcome to AV2.0 where cutting-edge solutions await.

At Captus Systems, our elite team comprises industry experts in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate services, and Administration. With a track record of designing and implementing cost-effective solutions for global leaders in Healthcare, Media, Technology, Higher Education, and Legal sectors, our collective leadership experience spans over 120 years.

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CAPTUS SYSTEMS consistently achieves exceptional outcomes through our meticulously crafted Captus Systems Design Process (CDP). This structured approach guarantees the fulfillment of all project requirements, culminating in top-tier audio quality, crisp video output, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, unparalleled customer service, and exemplary project management. Take advantage of our complimentary design services to streamline your project budgeting and planning.

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Captus Systems surpasses expectations by leveraging proven best practices and processes to value engineer and deliver cutting-edge AV2.0 solutions, connecting people to unified solutions seamlessly. Our services encompass design, consulting, delivery, installation, project management, and ongoing system support.

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