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On March 30, 1964, a clever little quiz show called “Jeopardy” made its debut on NBC, & has been beamed into our living rooms ever since. The concept – pitched by creator Merv Griffin – was actually developed by his wife, Julann. It was she who came-up with the unusual format of giving contestants the Answers first – to which they had to respond with the appropriate Questions. As much as television & viewing habits have changed over the years, the game of “Jeopardy” has remained basically the same throughout – except for a swap of the hosts (from Art Fleming to Alex Trebec in 1984), the show’s overall appearance, & the technology used on the set.

A favorite among TV viewers who enjoy watching a more “challenging” game show, “Jeopardy” can be both educational & entertaining. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to post our own CAPTUS SYSTEMS/Audio-Visual game with our readers every few weeks – so let’s see how you do with this first installment. Get those buzzers ready!


ANSWER (QUESTION):   What is “Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet”?

If this is your answer, then you are CORRECT: Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet (DANTE) is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio via standard Ethernet networks – with near-zero latency. A breakthrough AV-over-IP Networking solution, DANTE was introduced by the Sydney-based Audinate Company in 2006. DANTE is a complete media networking solution, & the premier standard for digital media networking. Adopted by more AV manufacturers today than any other networking technology, DANTE gives AV integrators like CAPTUS SYSTEMS the choice to install any of hundreds of DANTE-enabled products, available from the world’s leading manufacturers. (Audinate.com)


Let’s try another…



ANSWER (QUESTION):   What is “Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express”?

If you answered “Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express,” then you are CORRECT! CUCME (formerly known as “Cisco Unified Call Manager Express”) is a call-processing application in Cisco IOS Software that enables Cisco routers to deliver key-system or hybrid PBX functionality for enterprise branch offices or small businesses. This feature-rich IP telephony system is integrated directly into Cisco IOS Software & allows small business customers to deploy voice, data, & IP telephony on a single platform – thereby streamlining operations & lowering network costs. CUCME is ideal for users who have data connectivity requirements & the need for a telephony solution in the same office, & is an extremely flexible single-converged solution. (Cisco.com)

At CAPTUS SYSTEMS, not only do we know & understand all of today’s most pertinent AV terms, systems, & processes – but we also put it all into play. We also make sure that our clients are familiarized with the latest in AV technology so they can make THE MOST informed decisions regarding their AV/Collaboration Spaces. We have the expertise & the skills necessary to make everyone’s AV dreams come true! Give us a call at 212-400-1616, or drop us a line at hello@captussystems.com.


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