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Inspire your audience with a sophisticated, top-notch technology enabled Auditorium with Multimedia Presentations

Inspire your audience with a sophisticated, top-notch technology enabled Auditorium with Multimedia Presentations

The Modern Auditorium


Inspire your audience with a sophisticated, state of the art technology enabled Auditorium that’s capable of delivering any Multimedia Presentation with power and ease.

Capturing the attention of people in an auditorium has never been easy. By definition the auditorium is a large space where the presenter and the audience are separated, by design.

Challenge 1: draw everyone's attention to the front of the house.

Often you have only one person taking control and commanding the attention of the entire room. Other events are driven by several presenters; sometimes from a dais. 

Whether your auditorium is in an educational institution or a corporate facility, the goal is to get people to listen and participate. Often this has as much to do with the technology and tools, as the content and delivery.

Auditorium technology has come a long way in recent years, and sophisticated technology can do a lot to transform your space and events. The modern presentation is multimedia by definition and incorporates lots of different techniques for a captivating experience.


The Modern Multimedia Experience

With an auditorium enabled with the latest technology, you can conduct more than just an effective event for your audience; now your event will be memorable.

The very least that many people will expect from a presentation today is a PowerPoint slideshow projected on a large screen, perhaps with the help of an interactive board.

But with a fully equipped auditorium, the event and presentation will be transformed in ways that was just dreamt about a few years ago and no longer requires deep pockets.

Easily bring the multitude of visual content, together with crystal clear audio to captivate and engage the audience. With conferencing capabilities, quality has never been better, nor has the ability ever been easier, to conduct a state-of-the-art interactive presentation, remotely, from anywhere in the world.

So whether you're trying to engage donors, get students to pay more attention, or simply to inspire the audience, now the tools are readily available and cost effective.


Interactive Experience

People don’t want to just sit and be lectured to. Just watching a presentation can be a daunting task in some organizations.

The modern experience wants to bring people in. Engagement is becoming more of a priority every day.

The connected, modern auditorium enables people to contribute from their seats, adding to the experience of all attendees. Lecturers, presenters and now anyone else can be a presenter and broadcast their information (or opinion) to the wider audience. BYOD / Personal devices, such as phones (IOS, Android) laptops and tablets can all be managed to become part of the event.

Microphone technology is now an IP network discipline; allowing for greater flexibility, and clarity with fewer touch points. 

Dante Audio (digital audio through ethernet) is a combination of hardware and software protocols has changed the game for those professionals trained to deploy its benefits.

Participants are able to make contributions, speak up and join in with conversations (sometimes from apps on their own devises) that are heard in the room and on the far-side. Audience engagement available to everyone with ease.

Unshackle your auditorium from the confines of the 19th and 20th century’s footprint into a shared collaborative space; where the format, presenters and content is as varied as the topics.


Assisted Listening – Audio Induction Loop System – ADA Mandated 

People with a hearing disability are increasingly using hearing aides capable of a T-coil (Telecoil) setting.

Spaces available to the public are required by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) to have access to the audio systems within the public space. While many spaces make assisted listening headsets available by request, the modern experience allows the user to be in control. 

Spaces designed and engineered, early with induction loop systems, taking into account the physical infrastructure (walls, steel beams, reinforced concrete, wireless interference etc.) can include everyone in the space without unsolicited attention or stigma sometimes associated with having to ask for assistance.


Control – Video, Light, Sound & Experience

Control is King. Ease of use is paramount. 

Control is available to every aspect of the technological experience: Video and audio systems, lighting, emergency systems, HVAC, window treatments, acoustical wall coverings, occupancy sensors, all of it.

While the control of all of the assets may feel like you’ve been bestowed with power of the wizard behind the curtain, the purpose is to your remove distractions, focus attention, and enable engagement.

Captivate, inspire and make it memorable more easily with preset control scripts that perform dozens of commands with a single button push, triggered from an occupancy sensor or by schedule.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS provides electronic window treatments and shading control which is especially important in a room with an abundance of natural light.

Depending on the final architectural layout, Sound masking can be added. Sound masking allows the people in rooms adjacent to an auditorium (or loud space) to focus on the task at hand.


Connected Spaces

Making your auditorium as connected as possible allows your audience to interact with you and each other. It also ensures that they have access to essential information that they might require while attending a lecture, lesson, talk or presentation. Ensuring that IT and AV elements are smoothly connected is essential for a modern technological auditorium.

The tools are available, the technology is sophisticated and scalable and CAPTUS SYSTEMS Design and Engineering Team are prepared to design the best solution for you and your auditorium within your budget confines.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS designs ensures that the technology will work well and the experience will exceed expectation for years to come.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS brings you technology from Cisco, Crestron, Christie Digital, Planar, Extron, BiAmp, and QSC.


Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

CAPTUS SYSTEMS pioneers as the foremost Audio Visual Design Company, revolutionizing Audio Visual Projects by merging them with an IT core. Our foundation lies in leading-edge Technology, delivering excellence through a blend of expertise and professionalism. With a focus on AV, IT, and Unified Communications Systems, we bring innovation to every project. Welcome to AV2.0 where cutting-edge solutions await.

At Captus Systems, our elite team comprises industry experts in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate services, and Administration. With a track record of designing and implementing cost-effective solutions for global leaders in Healthcare, Media, Technology, Higher Education, and Legal sectors, our collective leadership experience spans over 120 years.

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CAPTUS SYSTEMS consistently achieves exceptional outcomes through our meticulously crafted Captus Systems Design Process (CDP). This structured approach guarantees the fulfillment of all project requirements, culminating in top-tier audio quality, crisp video output, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, unparalleled customer service, and exemplary project management. Take advantage of our complimentary design services to streamline your project budgeting and planning.

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Captus Systems surpasses expectations by leveraging proven best practices and processes to value engineer and deliver cutting-edge AV2.0 solutions, connecting people to unified solutions seamlessly. Our services encompass design, consulting, delivery, installation, project management, and ongoing system support.

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