Made in the USA

Made in the USA!


It’s that time of year again, when we wish a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to America, & celebrate with barbecues, beach parties, all matter of red-white-&-blue décor, & of course – FIREWORKS! Independence Day is upon us – a time when we all feel especially patriotic.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is proud to partner with companies that manufacture their products right here in the USA – & in the spirit of patriotism – we’d like to share some of them with you…


Crestron – Leading manufacturer of advanced control and audio-visual switching systems.

“I have great belief in American enterprise. When the economy went south, we brought everything in-house and paid more for it, rather than lay people off. People don’t realize the importance of the continuity of labor. Hiring at home also allows Crestron to develop the kind of long-term, committed help it needs to keep expanding.”  – George Feldstein, CEO of Crestron


Vaddio – Brings sophisticated PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera technology within everyone’s reach.

“You get to control the destiny of your company and your products, because you are very involved in the technology platforms your developers are working on. You control future product development – what features and benefits the products will have. But the most important advantage to manufacturing in the US is controlling your manufacturing methods to get good quality products.” Rob Sheeley, CEO of Vaddio


Peerless-AV – Manufacturer of AV products, & also provides AV integration peripherals.

“By manufacturing our solutions in the US, we are one of the most responsive and adaptive leaders in the industry. We currently manufacture over 90% of our SKUs out of our Aurora, IL, facility. This local capability allows us to work with our customers to provide truly custom solutions and offer them the opportunity to see the process of their solutions as they are being developed.”  John Potts, President of Peerless AV


ZeeVee – Enables integrators to rapidly deploy AV over IP & coaxial solutions of immense scale.

“Production flexibility is restricted and dictated by (the) contract with an overseas supplier, as you effectively buy time in a production facility. Local manufacturing, however, provides us with the flexibility to substitute product almost on the fly if demand for a particular product increases or decreases.”  Bob Michaels, President of ZeeVee


SurgeX – Power protection, conditioning, & power management solutions.

“Our customers rely on our products to protect their customers’ systems from damaging power anomalies. With our manufacturing facility right here in North Carolina, we’re better equipped to manage quality control on each device that goes out the door to our dealers.”  Lauren Simmen, Marketing Manager for AMETEK ESP.


A few more companies to add to the list of “Made in the U.S.A.” manufacturers are:  FSR, Leon Speakers, Just Add Power, James Loudspeaker, Aurora Multimedia, AudioControl, et al. There are of course, many more manufacturers within the Audio-Visual Industry that produce at least a portion of their wares in America – but far too many to mention in just one blog.  As we observe this July 4th holiday, we also celebrate these organizations & their collective conscious decision to keep their production right here at home!

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is a leader in the Commercial Audio-Visual Integration field, with offices right here in the U.S.A. We use I.T. to EMPOWER PEOPLE, helping to create AV & collaboration experiences that are modern, seamless, & captivating. Looking to upgrade your AV space? Contact us & we’ll be happy to make yours extraordinary! In the meantime – enjoy your July 4th holiday!!!

Thank you.