Making AV Broadcast a Priority

Making AV Broadcast a Priority

The Ability to Bring AV Broadcast to Your Organization is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Captus Systems recognizes that today’s hybrid work model proves that organizations can leverage more people outside of a space than ever before imagined. Professional quality AV Broadcast capabilities can maintain the brand, while at the same time not being so complex that it requires a special team for set-up. Video conferencing platforms alone – like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, & Cisco WebEx – will not suffice. Whether for product launch events, town halls, press conferences, or new hire seminars – we’ll help you showcase broadcast-quality audio & video in spaces that were traditionally used for in-person purposes – all while ensuring stunning results.

A Fully Optimized AV Broadcast System Helps to Control Your Messaging & Brand

No Complexity Here

Captus Systems uses modern technology to build affordable, professional-quality systems that ANYONE can operate.

Built-in Versatility

Your organization needs a system that’s versatile enough to satisfy any scenario: A company-wide townhall in the morning – a CEO announcement at noon – an orientation for new employees later that same day. Our solutions fulfill all those requirements…& many more.

Technical Expertise

Our Team of Technical Experts will guide you to the best solution for your specific needs: From optimized audio signal flow, to multi-camera set-ups, to broadcast-quality lighting systems – we’ve got you covered!

AV Broadcast Systems Can Include:

  • The Ability to Connect to Other Systems & Platforms
  • Tools to Manage Audio Signals (Including iPad, Laptop, & Tablet Integration)
  • Fast Set-Up
  • Broadcast-Quality Video
  • Professional-Quality Lighting
  • Audio-Enhancing Acoustic Treatment

Captus Systems will work with all your stakeholders to fully understand your requirements…facility managers, architects, designers, marketers, & executive teams. All organizations are unique, so we design AV Broadcast Systems perfectly suited for individual needs – no matter the use case. No cookie-cutter solutions here!


Captus Systems creates easy-to-use, scalable, & cost-effective AV Broadcast Systems.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!