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New Technology for a New World: Part II

New Technology for a New World: Part II

Keeping us all safe – that’s priority #1. CAPTUS SYSTEMS is proud to feature the following Technology Enabled Safety Products, & we will continue to add to this important new category. As the country begins to open-up & folks return to their work environments, health & safety will be at the top of everyone’s list. Thankfully, we are living in a technologically-advanced age, & there are new tools available that will help us to protect one-another. The new protocols that businesses will need to put into place will be aided by state-of-the-art technology. CAPTUS SYSTEMS is here to help you navigate through this new reality, with the products & engineering services that will streamline delivery – & enable your teams.

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22” Hand Sanitizing Display: Available as a wall-mounted or freestanding display, the 22” Hand Sanitizer Display has been designed to meet your staff & customer’s safety needs. Technical features include a full HD 1080p Display, Easy USB plug & Play Contents, & Upgradeable Android OS Options – all wrapped in modern design, toughened glass, & a waterproof casing. With indicator light signals to let you know the Sanitizer Levels within the unit, this display is easy to use & operate. (You can use the foam or liquid sanitizer of your choice, for the display’s reservoir of 5 liters.) Perfect for any location throughout your facility.

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QuickTemp Tablets – Single View: The QuickTemp Single View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of one person at-a-time, using Human Body Temperature Thermography technology. Ideally deployed on barrier gates or entrances to a building, this technology allows for precise temperature scans from 3-feet away. Performing this non-invasive & quick test will identify potential health risks before a person enters your premises.

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Tauri Temperature-Check Tablets: This technology provides an extra layer of protection hygienically, as it uses non-touch infrared sensors. These state-of-the-art tablets are able to scan the people entering your facility, from 3 feet away & within 1 – 3 seconds. After scanning, the tablet then sends photo & thermal results e-mail alerts, so an organization can monitor its locations to keep them safe. Tauri Tablets come in 3 sizes – 10.1”, 15.6”, & 21.5” – & can be either mounted on a wall or secured onto a specially-designed stand.

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QuickTemp Tablets – Wide View (Coming Soon): The QuickTemp Wide View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of up to five people simultaneously from a distance of up to 9-feet, using the same Human Body Termperature Thermography technology as the Single View Tablet. This allows you to quickly & precisely scan people in a busy public place or retail entrance to identify potential health risks before they enter the premises. Scanning multiple persons helps to cut-down on bottle-necked foot traffic & to make lines move-along faster.



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New Solutions from BrightSign from Touchless Interactivity: BrightSign has developed a family of new products that can enable touchless interactivity and promote social distancing. They include…

BrightLink: Avoid high-touch surfaces. View and control a touch screen display on your mobile devices.

BrightMenu: Eliminate the risk of sharing menus by scanning a QR code to view the menu on your phone.

BrightVoice: A voice-activated digital signage solution that delivers a unique hands-free interactive experience.

BlueFox Count + BrightSign: BlueFox’s foot traffic analytics solution supports a wide range of BrightSign media players. BlueFox Count is able to send real-time alerts when a location surpasses its capacity and trigger signage to display “Please wait outside” messaging until it’s safe to enter.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS fully recognizes how our new normal is impacting how we interact with one-another, & we are adapting in order to help our staff, customers, partners, & clients by offering our expertise.

The world may have changed, but our humanity remains intact. And through taking this journey together,

we will all evolve – & maybe, just maybe – we’ll be even more “connected” than ever!

Yeah. Together We’ve Got This!


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