Our CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ Team…Meet Ross Grantner

CAPTUS SYSTEMS welcomes Team Member – Ross Grantner. Ross joins us as a talented Field Engineer, & we are truly fortunate to have him on board!

Ross comes to CAPTUS SYSTEMS with years of experience behind him. Starting-off his career as a contractor – installing phone, internet, & cable service – he made the decision early-on to migrate to a more technical role. To that end, Ross joined a small AV company – & after mainly working in the residential sector in the Hamptons for some time – he felt the itch to move upward & onward again. After several years in the AV field, Ross is happy to have landed here at CAPTUS SYSTEMS.

“What excites me about CAPTUS SYSTEMS – which is different from my past experiences – is the potential for growth and opportunity. I see a lot of potential to make a name for myself here…, “ said Ross, adding – “I’ve had the privilege of maintaining a continued relationship with several of the key individuals responsible for bringing CAPTUS SYSTEMS to life. I believe we see eye to eye on both a personal and professional level, & it is my goal to ensure that I do what I can in order to help maintain what these individuals have brought to fruition – as well as enjoy the vision of future growth and success.”

When asked how & when he became interested in the Audio-Visual industry, Ross explained that since he was a child, he was always the one around the house responsible for taking care of all-things technical:  Trouble-shooting slow-running computers & dealing with all the various tech dilemmas that popped-up. Over time, Ross found himself becoming more & more involved with all levels of technology on a regular basis, & so the cast was set! Ross decided to seek formal training & turn his natural talents into a technical career.

When he’s not building & testing racks, & comissioning systems – Ross enjoys playing the piano, taking photos, spending time with his dog, & even has a few good card tricks up his sleeve. (Ross that is – not the dog!) And now that he’s just moved-in to a new home, there are plenty of domestic projects that will keep Ross busy for a long time!

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is excited to roll-out the red carpet for Ross. We are so pleased to be working with him, as he brings both his great talent & affable disposition to our organization. Once again – WELCOME ROSS!!!