Planning Your New Meeting Space(s) for 2020: The “4–Cs”


With 2020 fast approaching, most organizations are well into planning for the year ahead – & some of those plans include new or updated collaboration spaces. Whether they’ll plan Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, or Huddle Spaces – it’s a given that EVERY DAY in business – PEOPLE MEET. Collaboration can take place among those located within the same physical office building, in satellite offices, or across the ocean. Cloud-based meeting products from Cisco Webex, Starleaf, BlueJeans, Skype for Business, Zoom Rooms, & others, are all great tools – but only account for the tip of the iceberg of what goes into an AV system. CAPTUS SYSTEMS helps to navigate the fray. On average, 37% of employee time is spent in meetings, so it is vitally important to make those experiences technologically advanced, pleasant, & seamless. With the plethora of ground-breaking Audio-Visual merchandise available today, the task of making choices can be daunting – & CAPTUS SYSTEMS will make sure that you choose what’s best for your organization.

So important to the successful creation of a superlative meeting space is the pre-planning of the basic elements to be considered. Below is a breakdown of tips to ponder during this initial phase:


Follow the “Captus Systems 4-Cs” – Convenience, Choices, Commonality, Changeability:

Convenience: Removing the complicated technological roadblocks from an AV system is key when it comes to designing seamless integration. Choose a system that’s streamlined & can be quickly deployed to always start your meetings on-time. And by all means – avoid the frustration of components that don’t work in harmony. A terrific example of a system designed with CONVENIENCE in mind is the one that CAPTUS SYSTEMS helped to develop with Lightware for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This solution greatly eliminated complexity, & was easily & cost-effectively delivered to multiple rooms. The combination of Lightware’s open API used in conjunction with Cisco’s Touch 10 created a truly convenient collaboration solution.


Choices:  The ability to allow participants to join a meeting – no matter what type of equipment they prefer to use – is essential. Whether it be a PC or Mac-based laptop, an Android or IOS-based smart phone, a whiteboard, etc. – you will need to make sure that all of your people & their hardware can be connected to your system effortlessly.

Commonality:  It is critical for the technology to be the same in all of your organizations’ meeting spaces. If your people are well-versed in the operation of one of your AV-fitted rooms, they should be able to easily migrate-to & operate the systems in all the other collaboration spaces within your enterprise. This is what CAPTUS SYSTEMS refers to as Standard Application Modalities (S.A.M.). S.A.M. is the uniform processes that should be adopted to make the technology we all use more accessible, & easy to operate. CAPTUS SYSTEMS always designs, engineers, & builds with S.A.M. in mind.


Changeability:  In today’s corporate collaboration environment, flexibility is key. Flexibility in allowing all systems to be easily scalable when necessary – so as your organization grows, more & more collaboration spaces can be readily added. Changeability also refers to the ability to actually physically change the configurations of the meeting spaces within an organization. The trend towards companies creating smaller “Huddle Spaces” is growing – along with more flexible office floorplans. Considering the use of Huddle Spaces – as opposed to traditional large conference rooms – is something to give some serious thought to.


An organization’s growth depends on the exchange & sharing of its people’s ideas. Where they do that should be a space which nurtures a creative environment…one which inspires your people to flourish. CAPTUS SYSTEMS is dedicated to creating modern, expertly engineered, & unique collaboration spaces that not only bring-out the best in your people – but also help your organization to put its best foot forward for its clients. Together, we’ll work-out the very best 4-C Solution for your enterprise.



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