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Revolutionize Your Meeting Space with Neat Bar Pro 2

Revolutionize Your Meeting Space with Neat Bar Pro 2

Neat Bar Pro


In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, effective communication tools are indispensable. The Neat Bar Pro redefines video conferencing technology by combining superior audio and video quality into an elegant, slimline device.

The Neat Bar Pro 2 is a highly capable video device that is an ideal solution for enterprises looking to easily enhance their meeting spaces.

The Need for Advanced Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing has become an integral part of modern business. However, common issues like poor audio quality, unclear visuals, and complicated setups can hinder productivity. Neat Bar Pro addresses these problems head-on with its cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless and immersive meeting experiences.

Unparalleled Audio and Video Quality

Speaker System

Neat Bar Pro’s audio capabilities are impressive. It features a subwoofer with two opposing drivers for vibration cancellation and three full-range speakers that deliver direct stereo sound throughout any room. This ensures everyone in the meeting can hear and be heard clearly.

Microphone Array

The advanced pyramid-shaped 16x microphone array guarantees clear vocal pick-up, dramatically reducing background noise. With Neat Audio Processing, you won’t experience garbled ‘double talk’ issues, making conversations smooth and natural.

Extreme Cameras

Perfect for larger meeting spaces, Neat Bar Pro incorporates a telephoto and wide-angle lens along with an image depth sensor. This combination delivers 16x zoom and lightning-fast image processing, allowing it to detect, enlarge, and follow in-room participants in full close-up.

Effortless Setup and Flexibility

Easy Installation

Neat Bar Pro can be set up on a table or mounted on a wall, either above or below screens. The package includes mounts and cables, and the setup process is guided by the Neat Pad controller. This flexibility makes it suitable for various room configurations and ensures that your meeting space is always camera-ready.

Adaptable to Future Needs

With planned future software updates, Neat Bar Pro will offer audio extensibility to connect with existing installations. Additionally, you can add more Neat Pad devices to serve as multiple controllers or schedulers for different entrances, providing even greater versatility.

Immersive Meeting Experiences

Neat Bar Pro’s unmatched combination of audio and video technology ensures an incredibly immersive, natural meeting experience. Whether it’s the crisp audio from its powerful speakers, the clear vocal pick-up from its microphone array, or the lifelike visuals from its advanced cameras, every aspect of the Neat Bar Pro is designed to enhance engagement and productivity.

Why Neat Bar Pro is Ideal for Enterprises

Superior Technology

Corporate and enterprise users will appreciate Neat Bar Pro’s advanced features. The superior camera configuration with 16x zoom and rapid image processing ensures that even larger meeting spaces are well-covered. This leads to more lifelike participant engagement and a higher quality of collaboration.

Comprehensive Solution

Neat Bar Pro offers a comprehensive solution with all necessary mounts and cables included. This all-in-one package simplifies the purchasing process and ensures that you have everything you need to get started right away.

Enhanced Communication

Clear communication is crucial in business. Neat Bar Pro 2 with Neat Audio Processing and advanced microphone array ensure that every word is heard without background noise, enhancing the overall quality of communication.

Neat Symmetry

Neat proudly unveils Neat Symmetry, our groundbreaking, inclusive video meeting feature designed to elevate your conferencing experience.

Neat Symmetry represents a groundbreaking advancement in video smart room technology exclusively from Neat. Originating in May 2019, the concept of Symmetry emerged from our quest to redefine video meeting experiences, fostering inclusivity and natural interactions. Today, the industry mirrors our innovation as we lead the way. Discover the unparalleled capabilities of Neat Symmetry and the competitive edge it offers.

Prioritizing Relevance

Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning, Neat Symmetry elevates video meetings to a near face-to-face experience. By seamlessly identifying all participants in the room, Symmetry dynamically zooms and frames each individual, ensuring equitable visibility and fostering heightened engagement for remote attendees. By focusing solely on the human element, Symmetry captures subtle expressions and gestures, enhancing remote participants’ connection with in-room dynamics.

Elevated Auto Framing

Neat Symmetry sets a new standard in auto-framing by intelligently tracking participants’ movements as they shift positions or interact within the space. Whether collaborating with colleagues, engaging clients, or educating remote learners, Symmetry’s responsive auto framing delivers unmatched adaptability, fluidity, and well-being support.

Innovative Camera Technology

Amidst evolving work environments, Neat remains at the forefront of framing solutions. Our commitment to high-resolution wide-angle camera technology, akin to mobile industry standards, ensures comprehensive room coverage and swift response times. Embracing this advanced camera tech enables Neat to integrate seamlessly with cutting-edge software advancements, ensuring continual innovation and adaptability in our quest for excellence.

Technical Specifications

Audio Features

  • Subwoofer with two opposing drivers for vibration cancellation
  • Three full-range speakers for direct stereo sound

Microphone Array

  • Pyramid-shaped 16x microphone array
  • Neat Audio Processing for clear vocal pick-up

Camera Configuration

  • Telephoto and wide-angle lens
  • Image depth sensor
  • 16x digital zoom
  • 50 MP capture resolution

Additional Features

  • Supports up to three large screens
  • Sensors for depth, wakeup, light, orientation, temperature, humidity, and air quality
  • WiFi connectivity

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