Shedding Light on Projection Surface Technology


Ambient light is the amount of unwanted light in a room that can negatively affect projection on a screen. In other words – it’s a real nuisance when it comes to optimal viewing of your Audio-Visual presentations. Ambient light can come from various sources – including windows, surface lamps, or overhead lighting – & for that reason, you need a screen with “Ambient Light Rejection” (ALR) technology built right-in. With room design ever-changing in AV Integration, there’s a real requirement for ALR – & CAPTUS SYSTEMS offers the very best & most modern solutions. Surfaces like the Parallax lineup of products from LeGrand’s Da-Lite, allow you to see more contrast & brighter images in environments where in the past – achieving the clarity & sharpness of those images was difficult in settings where ambient light was present.


If you could control ambient light, standard projection technology would provide excellent performance in detail & uniformity. For example…in many projection environments, a traditional white projection screen – like Da-Lite’s Da-Mat – has been used as the standard projection surface. More specifically, the High Contrast Da-Mat offers deeper image reproductions of black, improving the perception of contrast. This option works best in environments with high-output projection & completely controlled ambient light. However, if ambient light cannot be controlled – as is often the case – images on screens lose contrast & fine detail. Ambient light reduces black values in projection, & decreases the ratio between black & white overall. The Parallax lineup of ALR-based screen surfaces have micro layers that absorb light, along with a special layer which physically blocks light. Da-Lite’s Parallax products offer true optical-based solutions for ALR, & with it, contrast & detail are preserved even in bright conditions.


CAPTUS SYSTEMS is proud to offer Da-Lite’s Parallax Screen Products, including Parallax Pure, & their newest ALR solution – the contrast-based Parallax Stratos 1.0. Parallax Stratos’ specs are as follows:


– 1.0 Gain Surface

– 80% Ambient Light Reduction capable

– Excellent clarity for images up to 16’ in height

– 30-degree 1/2-angle for both horizontal & vertical viewing

– 60-degree viewing cone

– I4K-compliant for both laser projection & traditional lamp-based projection

– Available in both Fixed-frame & Electric Screens

– Can be gently cleaned with water, & is mildew resistant


The Parallax Stratos benefits listed above would certainly allow for expansion of your portfolio for ALR, into larger-scale environments, such as…

– Corporate Conference Rooms

– Higher Education Settings

– Auditoriums

– Entertainment Venues

– Houses of Worship

– Corporate Lobbies


Rhen Taylor – Product Manager for Da-Lite, is thrilled to introduce this ground-breaking technology for the Parallax Stratos 1.0 as their newest premier lineup of ALR screens. It is truly cutting-edge surface innovation to be proud of!

So – put your Ambient Light concerns aside, & let CAPTUS SYSTEMS introduce you & your organization to the newest Parallax ALR-based screens from LeGrand’s Da-Lite. We’ll be happy to shed a light on these surface solutions for you – along with any other product(s) you may require for your next Audio-Visual/Collaboration project.


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