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Temperature, Please: New Technology for a New World

Temperature, Please: New Technology for a New World

Temperature, Please:  New Technology for a New World

There’s no denying it…the world has changed. And because of this seismic shift, we’re all going to have to make major adjustments to how we move-about in the world in our personal, professional, & social lives. In order for businesses to function more safely for their workforce & customers alike – certain new processes will have to be adopted. AV Technology Solutions will play a big role in how companies & organizations communicate moving forward, & CAPTUS SYSTEMS is here to help you navigate through it all.


Tauri Series Temperature-Check Tablets: This technology provides an extra layer of protection hygienically, as it uses non-touch infrared sensors. These state-of-the-art tablets are able to scan the people entering your facility, from 3 feet away & within one second. After scanning, the tablet then sends photo & thermal results e-mail alerts, so an organization can monitor its locations to keep them safe. The Temperature-Check Tablets come in 3 sizes – 10.1”, 15.6”, & 21.5”  – & can be either mounted on a wall or secured onto a specially-designed stand. For more details, click here: Temperature-Check Tablets



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System Automation:  This is now more important than ever! Technology like occupancy & proximity sensors trigger functions such as display power or automatic routing, upon participants entering a collaboration space. And for a TRUE TOUCH-FREE EXPERIENCE, VOICE ACTIVATION IS A MUST. For example, Crestron system controls can be activated by using Alexa integration. This simply involves speaking commands that are 2-stepped, like “Alexa, tell Crestron to go to PC Presentation” – or – “Alexa, tell Crestron to turn-off the lights”…& a response from Alexa will be heard in the room. For more information on how CAPTUS SYSTEMS can help you design your space, click here: Captus Systems Solutions

For Your Consideration:  Apple TV, Atlona SW-510W, Barco ClickShare, Barco ClickShare Conference, Crestron AirMedia, Extron ShareLink, Mersive Solstice, & Williams AV’s Presenter HUB & BLUEPOD systems are all great products to consider for creating safer, healthier meeting environments. Approaching AV systems with this new frame of mind will ultimately reduce “shared equipment touching” – thus curtailing the spread of dangerous bacteria & germs.

“Corporate America will need to step-up the part it plays in protecting its employees & visitors to their spaces. In conference rooms for example, any AV ‘touch’ device will need to be sanitized consistently throughout each day. (This is accomplished by using non-ammonia disinfectant glass cleaners, in conjunction with a microfiber towel or cloth.) But even more forward-thinking than that, organizations will need to quickly get on board with wireless room technology, & also, allowing meeting participants to use/touch only their own devices.”

John Radocy, Senior Systems Engineer, CAPTUS SYSTEMS

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device):  This is an excellent way to avoid sharing the same tech tools with others. Using one’s own laptop, tablet, or smartphone to integrate with the room’s main device was already becoming popular before the pandemic hit – & it is sure to become more-so when we all return to our brick- &-mortar offices.

ZAGG & Katsus Brands’ InvisibleShield®:  This screen protection glass is infused with innovative surface antimicrobial technology, & is scientifically proven to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria. The patented process is applied during the glass manufacturing process & its “always on” protection doesn’t wear off during the entire lifetime of the product. InvisibleShield is available for mobile devices, shared touchscreens, & personal devices such as tablets & smartphones. (The antimicrobial certification standard for this product is independently verified by Airmid Laboratories.) 


101 years-ago in 1919, North America was in the midst of the Spanish Flu Pandemic. Even sports activities were canceled at that time, just as they have been today. This included the Stanley Cup Finals between the Montreal Canadiens & Seattle Metropolitans having to be abruptly halted after 5 tied games – because a number of hockey players were stricken with the illness. To this day, the inscription on the Stanley Cup for the year 1919 states “Series Not Completed” – which will most likely also be the message etched on the Cup for the 2020 season.

Our new normal is going to impact how we interact with one-another once we’ve all made it through to the other side of our current Pandemic. Yes – the world has changed, but our humanity remains intact. And through taking this journey together, we will all adapt – & maybe, just maybe – we’ll be even more “connected” than ever!

Yeah. Together We’ve Got This!


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