The New Look of Teamwork

The New Look of Teamwork


The work environment is much different today than it was just a month ago. Companies, organizations, schools, & families are pushing the limits of remote collaboration tools for keeping in touch with one-another & working with colleagues all over the country – & beyond.


Many people are currently working from home & communicating with Team Members from a wide array of locations. While we are engaged by our clients for a variety of needs, most of our clients approach us for conference room or huddle space design & implementation – a core competency of what we do. That core competency also includes the skills & expertise to help our customers to plan & select the best tools for creating the most up-to-date systems necessary for remote working. Whether your organization has a few staff members that have to remain in the office, communicating with employees that are working remotely – CAPTUS SYSTEMS is poised to help advise, design, deliver & support the best remote collaboration technologies & choices for you & your organization.


Huddle Rooms are a good alternative to consider as smaller spaces in which only 2 – 6 people can congregate – as opposed to traditional, larger conference rooms meant for much bigger gatherings. CAPTUS SYSTEMS helps our clients to determine the best technological set-ups necessary for Huddle Rooms. Systems like the Zoom-certified EP65 from AVer, are the perfect fit for these types of smaller spaces. And AVer’s Award-Winning USB conference cameras help teams for connect like never before! Additionally, as commercial integrators CAPTUS SYSTEMS has the knowledge to pass-on to our customers regarding which Cloud-based meeting platforms would best suit each individual case. Starleaf, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, & others, are all good remote collaboration providers – & we can create a system for your organization that will work seamlessly for you & your people.


What are some of the challenges that your organization is facing with its remote workforce?

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Bottom Line – CAPTUS SYSTEMS is here to help you through this strange, new work environment. As experts in all-things having to do with commercial integration, we have the knowledge required to help your enterprise or school develop the system that makes the most sense for you now – & beyond this crisis. We wish you all the very best health for you & your loved ones, & we look forward to seeing you on the other side of this scary journey.



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