The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #11

The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #11

On the 11th day of Captus Systems, their Team gave to me…

Room Scheduling Safety

The Gift of Peace & Quiet …Room Scheduling Safety, Hybrid Classroom Systems, The Means to Work Remotely, Superb Video Conferencing, Digital Signage,


…A Safe Facility, Touchless A-V, Video Walls – & the Power to be Heard CLEARLY!

Shhhhhhh!!! Sound Masking at work…

Biamp/Cambridge Sound

As is proclaimed by Biamp – “An effective sound masking system delivers speech privacy & occupant comfort – simultaneously.” The benefits of Sound Masking Include: Reduced Noise Distractions, Increased Office Comfort, Boosted Productivity, & the Protection of Speech Privacy. Biamp/Cambridge Sound offers Sound Masking choices with their QtPro Direct Field System & Dynasound Pro Indirect System product lineups.


Lencore states that “The importance of the ability of both collaborative & individual workspaces to co-exist within the designed physical work environment allows individuals to produce their best work in a non-stressful office space.” Their scientifically engineered sound is amplified through individual speakers above or in the ceiling throughout a space, to create a uniform field of sound ensuring temporal & spatial uniformity. These results are accomplished through the use of Lencore’s iNet, Spectra Gold, or Classic Sound Masking Solutions.

Captus Systems will make your AV Project a SPARKLING SUCCESS,

with the Expert Design, Engineering, Building, & Integration that goes into every solution we deliver.

Large or small – in-house or remote…we’ll provide the outcome that’s exactly right for you!

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!