The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #4

The Twelve Days of Captus Systems – #4

On the 4th day of Captus Systems, their Team gave to me…

A Safe Facility

…Touchless A-V, Video Walls – & the Power to be Heard CLEARLY!

Technology that helps to make the return to the workspace safe & comfortable for today’s workforce.

Tauri Temperature-Check Tablets

Non-touch scanning tablets provide an extra layer of protection hygienically, as it uses infrared sensors at a distance. These state-of-the-art tablets are able to scan the people entering your facility, from 3 feet away & within 1 – 3 seconds. Tauri Tablets come in 3 sizes – 10.1”, 15.6”, & 21.5” – & can be either mounted on a wall or secured onto a specially-designed stand.

QuickTemp Tablets – Single View

The QuickTemp Single View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of one person at-a-time, using Human Body Temperature Thermography technology. Ideally deployed on barrier gates or entrances to a building, this technology allows for precise temperature scans in 1 second, from up to 3-feet away. This tablet also allows an organization to manage an organization’s multiple devices through a web-based interface.

Portal Access Add-On for QuickTemp Tablet

The Portal Access enables the QuickTemp Tablet to be a more than just a Stand-Alone Temperature-Scanning Device…it can also be a powerful multi-purpose tool that includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Dashboard for Connected Devices
  • Custom Q&A / Screening for All (Staff & Guests)
  • Email Q&A for Those Not Yet Onsite
  • Digital Signage
  • Occupancy Monitoring / People Counting
  • SafeSpace Mobile App 
  • Advanced Reporting
  • and more…

Captus Systems will make your AV Project a SPARKLING SUCCESS,

with the Expert Design, Engineering, Building, & Integration that goes into every solution we deliver.

Large or small – in-house or remote…we’ll provide the outcome that’s exactly right for you!

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!