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Transform Your Remote Meetings with Neat Center

Transform Your Remote Meetings with Neat Center

Neat Center

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, remote meetings are more than a necessity; they are the backbone of effective communication and collaboration. Yet, many companies struggle with ensuring that every remote attendee feels just as involved as those in the room. Enter Neat Center, a game-changer in remote meeting technology that promises to revolutionize the way your enterprise conducts virtual meetings.

The Neat Center offers a myriad benefits, from its 360° visual capabilities to its superior audio quality and flexible setup options.

The Challenge of Remote Meetings

Remote meetings have become the norm, but they come with their own set of challenges. One of the most significant issues is the sense of disconnect felt by remote attendees. They often struggle to follow conversations, missing out on crucial non-verbal cues and side discussions. This disconnect can lead to misunderstandings and reduced engagement, ultimately affecting productivity and collaboration.

Introducing Neat Center

Neat Center is designed to address these challenges head-on. It’s a companion device that enhances the capabilities of your existing Neat devices, providing a comprehensive solution for remote meeting participation. Whether it’s the 360° visual experience or the crystal-clear audio, Neat Center ensures that every remote attendee feels like they’re part of the room.

360° Visual Experience

The 360° visual capability of Neat Center is a game-changer. Traditional cameras often fail to capture the full scope of a meeting room, leaving remote attendees at a disadvantage. Neat Center broadens the view, giving remote participants a complete visual experience. This means that even when in-room attendees are facing away from the main device or engaging inside discussions, remote users won’t miss a beat.

Enhanced Engagement

With a full view of the room, remote attendees can pick up on non-verbal cues, body language, and side conversations, making them feel more engaged and included in the discussion. This level of engagement is crucial for effective communication and collaboration.

Better Context

A 360° view provides better context for remote attendees. They can see who is speaking and how others are reacting, which is often lost in traditional camera setups. This added context can make meetings more productive and efficient.

Easy to Follow

The comprehensive visual coverage makes it easier for remote attendees to follow the conversation. They won’t miss out on important discussions happening away from the main camera, ensuring they stay in the loop.

Superior Audio Quality

One of the standout features of Neat Center is its advanced audio capabilities. The omnidirectional 16x mic array ensures optimal audio pickup throughout the room. This means that no matter where someone is speaking from, their voice will be captured clearly.

Crystal Clear Sound

The 16x mic array captures voices with remarkable clarity, ensuring that remote attendees can hear every word. This is especially important in large meeting rooms where traditional microphones might struggle to pick up distant voices.

Automatic Audio Switching

Neat Center’s audio system automatically switches between the main Neat device and Neat Center, depending on where the voices are coming from. This seamless transition ensures that remote attendees always hear the clearest audio possible.

Reduced Background Noise

The advanced microphone technology also helps reduce background noise, making it easier for remote attendees to focus on the conversation. This can significantly improve the overall meeting experience.

Simple Setup

One of the biggest hurdles with new technology is often the setup process. Neat Center eliminates this concern with its straightforward plug-and-play design. With just one plug-in network and power cable, you’re ready to go.

Quick Installation

The simple setup means that you can get Neat Center up and running in no time. There’s no need for extensive IT support or complicated installations, making it ideal for busy corporate environments.

Minimal Downtime

Reduced setup time means minimal downtime for your team. You can start benefiting from Neat Center’s advanced features almost immediately, without disrupting your workflow.

User-Friendly Design

The user-friendly design ensures that anyone can set up Neat Center, regardless of their technical expertise. This makes it accessible to all employees, not just IT professionals.

Flexible Placement Options

Flexibility is another key feature of Neat Center. Whether you want to place it on a table, side furniture, or attach it to a tripod, Neat Center adapts to your meeting space needs.

Freestanding Design

The freestanding design allows you to place Neat Center on any flat surface, giving you the freedom to position it where it works best for your meeting room layout.

Tripod Attachment

For even more flexibility, you can attach Neat Center to a tripod. This allows you to position it anywhere in the room, ensuring optimal audio and visual coverage.

Adaptable for Different Spaces

Whether you’re in a small meeting room or a large conference hall, Neat Center’s flexible placement options make it adaptable for any space. This ensures that all attendees, remote or in-room, can engage fully with the discussion.

Enhancing Remote Meeting Participation

Remote meeting participation can often feel passive, but Neat Center changes that. By providing a comprehensive 360° view and superior audio quality, it ensures that remote attendees can engage just as actively as those in the room.

Inclusive Participation

Neat Center makes it possible for remote attendees to participate more inclusively. They can see and hear everything happening in the room, allowing them to contribute more effectively to the discussion.

Increased Engagement

With better visual and audio quality, remote attendees are more likely to stay engaged throughout the meeting. This leads to more productive and collaborative meetings.

Equal Footing

By leveling the playing field for remote attendees, Neat Center ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute. This can lead to more diverse perspectives and better decision-making.

Unique Value for Corporate and Enterprise Users

Neat Center offers unique value for corporate and enterprise users. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for modern businesses looking to improve their remote meeting experience.

Comprehensive Solution

Neat Center provides a comprehensive solution for remote meetings. From visual and audio enhancements to flexible setup options, it covers all the bases to ensure a seamless meeting experience.


By improving remote meeting participation and engagement, Neat Center can also be a cost-effective solution. Better meetings lead to better decision-making and productivity, which can positively impact your bottom line.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improved remote meeting experiences lead to enhanced collaboration. When everyone can see and hear clearly, discussions are more productive, and ideas can flow more freely.

Neat Symmetry

Neat proudly announces the launch of our innovative video meetings feature, designed for enhanced efficiency, inclusivity, and seamless collaboration.

Neat Symmetry represents a groundbreaking leap in video smart room technology exclusive to Neat. The genesis of Symmetry dates back to May 2019, a time when our quest for equitable, inclusive, and natural video meeting experiences began. Today, the industry echoes our strides. Discover the inner workings of Neat Symmetry and the unparalleled edge it bestows.

Prioritizing Essence

Leveraging machine learning, Neat Symmetry bridges the gap between virtual and in-person encounters. By intelligently identifying all meeting attendees, Symmetry adeptly zooms and auto-frames individuals irrespective of their positions or speech, ensuring equitable visibility for remote participants and heightened engagement.

Focused Precision

Neat Symmetry meticulously sieves out distractions like room elements, zeroing in solely on the attendees. Each person’s image is cropped to emphasize facial expressions and gestures, facilitating seamless communication and connection. Dynamic algorithms also harmonize framing for multiple individuals, striking a balance between proximity and image quality.

Elevated Auto-Framing

Neat Symmetry redefines auto-framing with its intuitive tracking of individuals’ movements, ensuring continuous adjustment as they relocate. Whether collaborating with teammates, engaging clients, or educating remote students, Symmetry’s responsive auto-framing fosters flexibility, fluidity, and overall well-being.

Pioneering Technology

In a landscape of evolving work environments, Neat remains at the forefront of framing solutions. Our adoption of cutting-edge wide-angle camera technology, sourced from the mobile industry, outshines traditional pan-tilt-zoom cameras. This innovation enables swift, comprehensive room capture, empowering Neat devices to deliver agile, high-quality responses and embrace software advancements with ease.

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For more information, visit our website or contact us directly. We’re excited to help you transform your business meetings with the Neat Center 360.


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