True Blue

November is World Diabetes month, & famous monuments all over the globe become awash in blue light to draw attention to this cause. (Blue is the representational color for Diabetes Awareness.) With that in mind, it got us thinking about the color blue in general – & more specifically – how it relates to the business world & the tech sector in particular. Did you know that certain colors are proven to draw-out specific feelings & emotions from the observer? Well, it’s true – & this very topic is studied by neuroscientists the world over. Having this rainbow of knowledge is useful, because it helps corporations to understand which colors in particular are best to use in their branding, to elicit the precise emotions they want to evoke from consumers. For instance, most of us are aware of the strong impact that a red pigment has:  Think for a moment of the companies that use it as their main logo color:  Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Verizon, Netflix, CNN, Exxon – the list goes on. While red is considered to represent strength, power, & energy – blue has very different associations. Take note of the color of most police, airline pilot, & security officer uniforms – they’re BLUE, & this is no coincidence! The reason behind this color choice is that this calming hue stimulates feelings of trust, security, order, dependability, confidence, cleanliness, & serenity. It’s no wonder then that in the world of technology, so many companies use blue as the main component of their corporate identity:  It’s a subliminal call-to-action to potential & returning customers, to “TRUST US.” Consider these examples:  FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, IBM, Microsoft Word, HP, General Electric, Dell, Vimeo, TechData, Crestron, Extron, Planar, Cisco, Zoom – & of course – CAPTUS SYSTEMS! All of these are companies involved in large measure in the tech biz & through their branding, are signaling dependability – & vying to win consumers’ confidence in what they do & what they offer.

To this very point, if you’re looking for a company on whom you can rely to not only be dependable & trustworthy – but also – to be on the cutting-edge of all-things AV and IT…then CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the only brand you can rely on! CAPTUS SYSTEMS will Design, Build, & Deliver all things needed for an amazing experience; visual display that will exhibit the most vivid content, audio that can be only described as crystal clear!


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