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We’re In This Together

We’re In This Together

We’re In This Together

Because of the fluid nature of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic situation, we at CAPTUS SYSTEMS feel it important to update you on the status of our operations, & what we are doing in response to the outbreak. CAPTUS SYSTEMS remains fully operational in all aspects, including design, engineering, technical support – & where we are still able – installations (under special circumstances). We are all taking extra precautionary measures & doing our very best to keep our CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ Team, Partners, Suppliers, Clients & the wider community – as safe & healthy as possible.

The official rules for on-site work are unique to the different cities, states countries, & even sometimes, by buildings. Where we have the opportunity & have determined that it is safe for our employees, contractors, partners and clients, we may be able to continue with some AV site work.

If you do have a project in-mind, now would be the perfect time to engage CAPTUS SYSTEMS. We can assist your organization to be ready when we all return to the state of business as usual.

Keeping that in mind, when the Captus Systems Team does visit a project site during this unprecedented time, we are requiring each of our Team Members – included but not are not limited to employees, partners, & contractors – to follow the published CDC guidelines and local & state rules as well. At a minimum, these include being extra-cautious & using common-sense, & being aware that our actions & the actions of the people around us have consequences.

Since this is an ever-evolving situation, please click on the CDC website link below for updates:


When scheduled to be at a Client’s Site, ALL CAPTUS SYSTEMS Team Members, Partners, Subs, & Suppliers are required to fill-out a “Covid-19 Exposure” form & return it to our Operations Manager. We will make sure not to allow ANY of our personnel to enter a premises if they are not able to  answer “NO” to ALL of the questions on the form.

FYI – below are the guidelines that our Team, Partners, Subs, & Suppliers are required to 

follow, in order to stay on the job & keep everyone HEALTHY & SAFE:

Wash your hands often with soap & water. The water does not actually have to be hot for this method to be effective, but you must use plenty of soap – for at least 20 seconds – as the soap is what breaks-down the viability of the virus itself

– When soap & water are not available, use hand sanitizer

– If you need to sneeze or cough, please do so into your elbow if you don’t have a tissue readily available

–  Dispose of tissues, napkins, wipes properly

Do not shake hands with other personnel on the site, & remember to stick to the “Stay Six-Feet-Apart” rule around anyone with whom you come in contact

If you are sick at all – STAY HOME & keep us posted of your progress

If you test positively for Coronavirus, please take whatever measures your physician deems necessary – & keep us posted on your progress

Remember – we are in this TOGETHER – & we thank everyone with whom we work for theirsupport during this situation. CAPTUS SYSTEMS will continue to monitor all incoming news &advice from the CDC related to the health of our Employees, Partners, Subs, Suppliers, Clients,& the Wider Community. And of course, we will be here for you when we all come out on theother side!

We wish you all continued good health…please stay SAFE!

Yeah. TOGETHER, We’ve Got This!!!


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