Month: November 2017

Securing the AV Network and System

This is a good news blog, not a cautionary tale.   For many years the AV community has been focused on ease of use, user experience, schedules, lower cost, and touch panel layouts as a function of construction and delivery. With this approach the industry has delivered some extraordinary results that surround us every day. Our dreams realized, we now have Silicon Core Video Walls that change from Art Scene to Interconnected Executive Boardroom with Cisco SX80 Speaker Track Systems, Shure Dante

Increase Worker Productivity with Sound Masking

It’s about 10:45am on Monday…   and it begins.    “What’s for lunch…?  Did that email really go to spam?  What’s the dial-in for the 11 o’clock call? Why is it so hot on this side of the office and so cold by Reception”  Just another day at the office… and all these comments OVER the slurping coffee drinker, the phlegmy sneezer and clashing Pandora’s because really who can agree on anything besides Christmas music.     Distractions,  distractions, and yes – more distractions!  Who thought an o

Audio Visual Engineering – A Unique Specialty

CAPTUS Design Process (CDP) – Audio Visual Engineering – A Unique Specialty CAPTUS was founded for just this very moment in time. CAPTUS believes improving client expectation, and construction team expectation begins with better process, better communication and technical tools. CAPTUS approaches AV projects from an IT core.  AV is IT. AV and IT rely on the market to inform direction and advancement. Very few people understand this very simple statement the way that CAPTUS does.  The CAPTUS D