Break-Fix Service Desk

Break-Fix Service Desk
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Get Responsive On-Site Support to Take Care of Any AV Issues – Quickly!

Our expert team will address the problems with your AV system, with expertise & communication ensuring maximum uptime, because when the system is down, you’re not operating at optimal efficiency.

Don’t wait days for an unqualified technician to arrive & not fix your problem.

It Took Too Long to Get the Technician On-Site

You called in at 10am on Monday & didn’t get support until the following week.

The Technician Did Not Understand the System That Needed Service

The technician was unprepared to address the problem at-hand.

Escalation Means a Second Visit

The technician had to come back multiple times because there was nobody available to help with higher or remote level service.

Our Break-Fix Service Desk Includes:

  • Dedicated Service Administrator
  • Qualified, Certified Trained Technicians
  • Engineering Support
  • Clearly Written Communication
  • Fair Pricing That’s Easy to Understand
  • In-House Escalation Process

Our process includes email written communication (confirming insurance requirements for proper access), reiteration of the issue(s), date & time of arrival, name & contact info of the technician, cost for the visit, & a final call summary that describes solution & recommendations. It’s all managed internally by our web-based Captus Systems’ Service Desk Portal.


At Captus Systems, we provide great service that never leaves you wondering what happens next.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!