Technology Solutions for Workplace 2.0 Workplace 2.0

Create a cutting-edge, integrated environment more efficiently than ever before.

The Workplace is Changing. You Need an AV Technology Solutions Partner Who’s Ahead of the Curve.

Due to the pandemic, 10 years of change are happening in ten months. As workers transition back to the office, businesses need to efficiently blend work-from-home with on-site work so that everyone stays connected and everyone stays safe. Work-life balance and productivity have converged.

It’s not enough to provide products.

You need an expert that can guide you through all phases of technology implementation. If you’re tired of unoptimized workflows, communication challenges, security issues, and buying expensive equipment that is underutilized, we can help.

Do You Face These Challenges?

Captus Systems Provides Comprehensive Technology Solutions So That You Can Easily Upgrade to Workplace 2.0.

You need an AV technology design and integration partner who can offer a strategic vision for your project – and then bring the tactical expertise that’s required to get the job done.

We help businesses design, engineer, and implement cutting-edge audio-visual technology solutions.  Based in New York with a reach beyond, our industry-leading team integrates products and processes to make work more efficient.

Don’t fall behind. Upgrade to Workplace 2.0 with a leading provider who’s ahead of the curve.

We provide a comprehensive suite of AV services.

Based in New York with a reach beyond, our industry-leading team combines AV expertise with our IT knowledge of systems to integrate products and processes more efficiently and effectively.

AV Broadcast

The ability to bring broadcast capabilities to your organization has never been more important.

Hybrid work proves that the enterprise can leverage more people outside the space than ever before. But this also raises the stakes. AV broadcast means professional quality that maintains the brand but does not require a team to set up. Zoom, Teams or WebEx alone will not suffice. Whether for Product Launch Events, Town Halls, Press Events, or North American New Hire Seminars, you can send broadcast-quality audio and video without painfully complex systems, ensuring stunning results in a space that was traditionally used for in-person purposes with added Zoom capability.

Control your message and brand with a fully optimized AV broadcast system.

Access quality without unnecessary complexity.

Traditional broadcast AV systems were complex to operate and expensive to design and build. We use modern technology to build affordable, professional-quality systems that anyone can operate.

Create systems that work for what’s next.

Broadcast may be needed for an international townhall in the morning, a CEO cable news interview at noon, and an orientation for 100 new employees in the afternoon. You need a system that’s versatile.

Work with technical experts.

From optimized audio signal flow, to multi-camera setups, to broadcast-quality lighting systems, our technical experts can guide you to the best solution for your business needs.

We provide AV broadcast systems that are built to perfectly meet your needs – no matter what your use case.

We will work with all of your stakeholders – facility, architectural, design, marketing, and executive teams – to fully understand your requirements. No cookie cutter designs, here. Each AV broadcast system is unique but equally easy-to-use, scalable, and cost effective.

AV broadcast systems can include:

  • Ability to connect to other systems and platforms
  • Tools to manage audio signals (including iPad, laptop, tablet integration)
  • Fast setup
  • Broadcast-quality video
  • Professional-quality lighting
  • Audio-enhancing acoustic treatment

Ready to deploy beautiful digital signage?

AV Reporting & Analytics

Track and report on the usage of commercial AV platforms across all of your rooms and facilities.

Optimize systems based on how they’re used. Easily deploy and manage service and support.

Don’t risk AV systems going out unexpectedly.

No pre-warnings before system failures.

When you’re dependent on people to communicate room status to AV control or maintenance staff, you’ll be caught off guard by outages.

No way to monitor systems remotely.

It can be tedious to manually inspect all devices on site. Remote monitoring can reduce time and increase confidence in system performance.

Reactive support is too costly.

When things break, fixes are expensive. Reduce the likelihood of outages with proactive support that prevents issues from happening in the first place.

We provide proactive AV reporting and analytics support to reduce the risk of outages and save time and money.

Our solutions are scalable and future-proof. From remote cloud management tools that monitor AV systems continuously, to customized dashboards showing the status of all connected devices, we can provide technology to maximize uptime and give users peace of mind.

AV reporting can include:

  • Device monitoring
  • Device inventory
  • Device control
  • Remote access
  • PC control
  • Remote support
  • Automated room troubleshooting and self-checks
  • AV help desk

Ready to reduce the risk of an AV outage?


Get all of your AV needs met by an expert partner at a set and predictable price.

The AV systems are critical to the modern workspace. AVaaS means large, upfront investments are replaced with a predictable monthly fee, and can include system upgrades and regular maintenance visits.

Don’t let a lack of care lead to long-term AV issues.

Equipment becomes obsolete.

AV equipment needs to be cared for and sometimes updated to remain fully functional. Forgoing service can lead to obsolescence.

OP-EX is challenging to pin down.

Fixed cost pricing with a service plan included will provide the peace of mind that your organization needs.

Breakdowns become the norm.

As devices age and technology evolves, more problems are likely to occur, hindering productivity.

We help organizations move away from narrow AV procurement and support models with customized plans.

With AVaaS, the resources to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your AV systems become as reliable as the phone bill, saving time and money. AVaaS works on single room / video conferencing system or a facility-wide upgrade of multiple locations. No more having to settle for less than what is needed.

As strategy consultants, we create optimal offerings to ensure that all devices and equipment are delivered and maintained reducing costly outages and prolonging product lifespans. For the right organizations, AVaaS reduces cost and risk associated with managing AV equipment and services in-house – and gives peace of mind, too.

AVaaS programs can include:

  • Regular on-site visits
  • Remote service visits
  • Firmware updates
  • Security patches
  • Regular upgrades
  • No more obsolescence
  • Support on AV equipment and platforms
  • Integration and optimization of systems
  • Strategic planning and technology roadmaps

Ready to reduce AV issues?

Break-Fix Service Desk

Get responsive on-site support to take care of any AV issues quickly.

Our expert team will address the problems with your AV system, with expertise and communication ensuring maximum uptime, because when the system is down you’re not operating at optimal efficiency.

Don’t wait days for an unqualified technician to arrive and not fix your problem.

It took too long to get the technician on-site.

You called in at 10am on Monday and didn’t get support until the following week.

The technician did not understand the system that needed service.

The technician was unprepared to address the problem at hand.

Escalation means a second visit.

The technician had to come back multiple times because there was nobody available to help with higher or remote level service.

At Captus Systems, we provide great service that never leaves you wondering what happens next.

Our process includes email written communication (confirming insurance requirements for proper access), reiteration of the issue(s), date and time of arrival, name and contact info of the technician, cost for the visit, and a final call summary that describes solution and recommendations. It’s all managed internally by our web based Captus Systems Service Desk Portal.


Our break-fix service desk includes:

  • Dedicated service administrator
  • Qualified, certified trained technicians
  • Engineering support
  • Clearly written communication
  • Fair pricing that is easy to understand
  • In-house escalation process

Ready to ensure your AV equipment issues will be fixed fast?

Control & Automation

Simplify your environment by controlling virtually everything with the touch of a button.

Start via auto-schedule or use your phone to operate the system at the office. Save time and energy and create a better user experience.

Don’t settle for static solutions.

Shared screens pose sanitization concerns.

New control protocols allow people to use a personal device to control the room.

Custom programming has us locked into platform or provider.

We implement open-source programming to ensure that you are in control.

There are too many buttons to push.

Create automated functions to minimize frustration and ensure systems are on and off at appropriate times.

We help organizations create impressive, automated spaces that work seamlessly.

We don’t overcomplicate functionality, but we ensure that everything a room needs is available and connected. Our experts can create a workflow that optimizes the user experience, allowing everything to work together.

Automation can include:

  • Automatic meeting start
  • Scheduled / automatic system shutdown
  • No-touch automation using your own device
  • Automatic / daylight shading control
  • Room scheduling – improves efficiency
  • Audio and video controls
  • Remote access for service & support

Ready to bring your building into the future?

Design & Consulting

Work with leading AV System Engineers to conceptualize and then deliver a perfectly designed space.

With over 125 cumulative years of experience, our team of system engineers and consultants will provide expertise for your AV strategy.

Don’t jump into product setup without a project strategy.

Lack of requirement understanding.

Projects that are undertaken without a sufficient understanding of requirements can lead to rework, cost issues, and dead ends as problems arise.

Poor project documentation.

A lack of detailed documentation can leave technicians making best guesses about system integration and maintenance. This can cause additional cost and poor functionality.

AV expectations aren’t met.

Without intelligent design and engineering, AV products almost never live up to their full potential. Workplace performance suffers.

Captus Systems Design Process© means that Facilities, IT, Business Units, and Finance get the ideal solutions that meet everyone’s expectations.

We believe that many of the systems we are designing and delivering today will be in use in the year 2030. We plan resilience into our designs.

Whether working on a multi-room / multi-floor new construction or a single-space retrofit, our design and engineering team utilizes a design process that commences with asking questions and listening to the answers. We approach every project from a platform-neutral, vendor-agnostic approach, addressing all the requirements so that the AV scope meets expectations across the enterprise.

The Captus Systems Design Process© includes:

  • In-house engineering team
  • Dedicated System Engineer
  • Consultation & understanding of requirements
  • Expedited service
  • On-time RFI responses and submittals
  • Detailed .pdf and .dwg documentation and drawings
  • Expert project management
  • Executive overview
  • Multiple vertical expertise

Ready to design the ideal AV solution?

Digital Signage

Deploy beautiful and informative displays with customizable messaging to keep employees and visitors up to date with the latest relevant information.

Don’t settle for signage that isn’t optimized to the needs of your space.

Content updates are difficult.

Too often, digital signage interfaces are unintuitive and hard to update. Consequently, content gets outdated.

Lock-in contracts are expensive.

Some digital signage companies and ad agencies sell signage via contracts that lock you into an overpriced rate for unimpressive service.

Signs go offline.

Poorly optimized signage systems can have connectivity issues. When this happens, the content can be outdated, and getting back online is tedious.

We help organizations install and configure digital signs that leverage the company brand with automatically updated information.

We make sure that the displays and the technology that put the content on the display all work together. Whether you need signage for a menu board in a café (that also has custom content when the space is leased for a private event) or for outdoor LED on the side of a building, Captus Systems can help.

We’ll bring the latest and best technologies to the table to support your functionality requirements, then we’ll implement hardware and software to achieve the desired outcome. And we’ll ensure that easy-to-use remote management software can allow anyone to update the content as needed.

Digital signage can include:

  • Video walls
  • Touch-enabled displays
  • Engineering the correct solution for the space
  • Automatic messaging
  • Messaging to large and small audiences
  • Automation
  • Control optimization
  • Service and support

Ready to deploy beautiful digital signage?

Mics & Conferencing

Get solutions that deliver easy-to-use conference systems where everyone is clearly seen and clearly heard.

Use cutting-edge solutions that empower better collaboration.

Don’t let people go unheard.

Microphones aren’t recognized.

It can be challenging to integrate the room microphones when connecting with your laptop. Technical difficulties can lead to awkward (and costly) silences.

Acoustical issues make hearing hard.

Systems that aren’t suited for room design or acoustics make normal voice clarity challenging. Background noises can be distracting.

People move the tabletop microphones.

Ceiling microphones provide optimal and even-sound pickup for everyone in the room.

We help organizations create virtual meeting environments with clear, natural sound – because audio is more important than the video, even on a video conference.

Our solutions allow meeting participants to speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly. Through the latest digital signal processing (DSP) systems, microphones can point and pick up individual speakers. We can ensure that audio experiences are natural, even when multiple people are talking.

Audio conferencing can include:

  • DANTE Protocols (Digital Audio Networking Through Ethernet)
  • Room acoustical setup and calibration from certified technicians
  • Gain structuring
  • Steerable microphones
  • Software solutions
  • Control panels
  • Service and support

Ready to improve your audio experience?

Reopening Technology

COVID-19 has forced workplaces to adapt and evolve.

Reopening technology ensures that the transition back to the office happens safely and efficiently, now and for years to come.

Want to reopen the office safely?

Temperature screening kiosks.

Intuitive, unobtrusive, touchless temperature screening kiosks can monitor employees and visitors, helping to maintain a healthy workspace now and in the future.

Pre-arrival questionnaire.

Manage the pre-arrival process, with web-based tools that include COVID questions, QR codes, reporting, and more.

Work environment technology.

Intelligent digital booking for the flexible workspace can help you manage your workforce’s return to the office while maintaining social distancing.

Make the transition back to the office safe and seamless.

We provide comprehensive tools and systems to promote health, safety, and productivity in the workspace. Scheduling tools, pre-arrival, web- and app-based questionnaires, integrated temperature-check-stations, digital signage, and workplace analytics that tell the individual where to go and informs facilities when to clean – it all works in combination to make reopening happen the right way.

Access some or all of these technologies as you reopen Workplace 2.0:

  • Temperature screening
  • RFID, QR scanning
  • Notifications
  • Pre-arrival Q&A for visitors and employees
  • Arrival Q&A for visitors and employees
  • Employee and visitor premises management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Workstation reservations
  • Density management
  • Contact tracing
  • App-based systems
  • Deep-cleaning notification
  • Room controls and scheduling tools
  • Digital signage
  • Remote and on-premises deployment
  • Reporting
  • Service and support

Ready to make reopening safer?

Unified Communications

The one-platform-fits-all approach doesn’t always work.

You need a solution that fits your business’s needs and integrates with everyone else’s.

Don’t settle for unoptimized collaboration platforms.

Integration is cumbersome.

Your company uses MS Teams, but your biggest client uses Zoom and your biggest investor uses WebEx. All of this bouncing around causes issues.

Nonstandard solutions.

Workflows among all software platforms on the market are different. There are no standards, which can make usage frustrating.

Multiple codec-based systems.

The Workplace 2.0 approach will provide a roadmap to the best way to connect your people, clients, partners and vendors without having to sacrifice on quality, ease of use, security, or budget.

We provide systems that can integrate with existing collaboration platforms to boost productivity, usability, and adoption.

Our solutions help companies to standardize their applications, minimizing learning curves and maximizing productivity.

Collaboration platforms can include:

  • System integration
  • Hardware components
  • Software
  • Cloud platforms and licensing
  • Service and support

Ready to get the ideal unified communications solution?

Video Conferencing

Implement a stunning video conferencing system that makes collaboration seamless.

Our video conferencing equipment enables remote and on-site teams to easily work and collaborate like they are in the same space.

Don’t settle for the status quo on a video conferencing system.

Poor audio quality.

Connection quality, background noise, and inadequate microphones can make it hard to be heard.

Complicated interface.

Whether participants need to chat, share a screen, or view the person speaking, operation should be easy.

Lack of security.

Not all platforms provide proper security. Lack of encryption and other issues may leave participants vulnerable to outside sources.

We provide a better solution.

We understand pains and correct them using engineering, equipment, software, and processes. Whether the use-case is daily scheduled video calls, ad hoc video communication, or hosting webinars from one endpoint to many, we can ensure the experience is flawless, not frustrating.

Video conferencing systems can include:

  • Trackable cameras so people are seen as they speak
  • Large displays placed in the best location for optimal viewing.
  • DANTE enabled microphones so everyone is heard clearly.
  • Seamless control and automation customized for your organization.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP), control system automation, and custom programming
  • Service and support

Ready to get the ideal video conferencing system?

Video Walls

Delight, inform and transform visitors and employees.

The wall is now dynamic and capable of infinite possibilities, pushing the limits of design.

Give your room architectural transcendence with pixel-perfect displays.

Get a video wall perfectly fit to your space.

Instead of worrying about design, work with an expert team. We’ll help you to define the crucial architectural and technological factors so that your wall fits and operates exactly the way you intended.

Video is no longer just for the front wall.

Video walls mean that the background of a video conference can change from one meeting to the next. Take advantage of the potential to bring your communications to life.

Get a solution that’s pixel perfect.

There are many varieties to choose from – 0.7mm – 2.5mm, etc. – and pixel size is determined by the application. Our design engineers will work with you to craft the best possible solution.

We work with your organization’s design team to create video walls that stand out or blend in.

Enable facilities to showcase important information with beautifully designed displays. Work with us to implement an ideal video wall solution.


Video walls include:

  • Design and engineering
  • Boardrooms
  • Lobby
  • Wrap-around
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Installation
  • Front serviceable
  • Service and support

Ready to wow with a perfectly designed video wall?

Here’s how we work.

We provide expertise to deliver at all stages of an AV / technology integration project.

Design, Engineering & Consultation

Talk with an expert who can guide your vision-casting and chart the path toward the best solution for your needs.


Project Overview and Proposals

Talk with an expert who can guide your vision-casting and chart the path toward the best solution for your needs.

Installation and Project Management

Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager and project coordinator, supporting a seamless and efficient process.  Receive regular written and documented updates on your project.


Communication and Process

Project delivery does not happen in a vacuum and requires the support of multiple people. Our teams are connected to our employees, clients, vendors, and partners, ensuring higher productivity and decreased response times.

Service and Support

Access service and support as needed, ensuring that your technologies perform reliably for maximum up-time and remain on the cutting-edge.


Why work with Captus Systems?

You’ll meet all of your AV needs with one provider – from consulting, to design, to delivery.

We understand that the success of your project starts before the AV installation. Our team is comprised of industry leaders familiar with all stages of technology design, engineering, construction, and delivery. We combine decades of expertise with a passion for innovation to design and engineer digital AV solutions that integrate seamlessly with your team’s facilities, IT, and standards.

You’ll move through a proven process that keeps your AV project on time and on budget.

Too many AV firms manage projects inefficiently, then end up passing those costs on to clients. At Captus Systems, we use many of the same technologies that our clients do to ensure optimal efficiency, project management, and communication. Our logistics expertise leads to a more transparent and organized process, ensuring that results are delivered on time, on budget, and with expectations met.

You’ll get solutions that meet your requirements, are easy to use, and stand the test of time.

Due to our comprehensive expertise and our finely tuned processes, we’re able to consistently deliver solutions that surpass your expectations from the moment they go live and that continue to perform over the long term. Our systems are built for seamless use. In fact, our clients report decreases in service calls for our deployed solutions, reducing demands on your support personnel.

Ready to bring your commercial AV vision to life?

Fill out the form below. One of our expert consultants will be in touch quickly to discuss your needs and get you on a path toward a solution that exceeds your expectations.