Inform & Impress with Digital Signage

Inform & Impress with Digital Signage

Display Important Messaging for Your Employees & Visitors Alike

Captus Systems offers the most up-to-date technologies, enabling us to deliver the best Digital Signage solutions for your unique requirements.

Digital Signage is Both Captivating & Informative

Doing it Right

Digital Signage that’s done right in the first place will never leave you in the dark. Captus Systems optimizes its Digital Signage systems so that issues – if any at all – are a rare occurrence.

Customizable Content

With our expertly engineered Digital Signage solutions, your content never becomes irrelevant. Captus Systems designs systems that are easily deployable & updatable.

Keeping it Online

Keeping your Digital Signage online is crucial, so we make sure to get you the hardware & software relevant to your specific needs. And – Captus Systems’ service & support ensures that your system is always up & running, delivering the vital information that you need to display.

Digital Signage Can Include:

  • Video Walls
  • Touch-Enabled Displays
  • Engineering the Correct Solution for the Space
  • Automatic Messaging
  • Messaging to Large & Small Audiences
  • Automation
  • Control Optimization
  • Service & Support

We understand the critical role that Digital Signage plays in your organization. Our Team will design, install, & configure your Digital Signage in a way that ensures ease-of-use, so that anyone in your organization can manage & update its content.


Whatever your use-case – from indoor menu boards to large outdoor Digital Signage – Captus Systems will come-through for you!

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!