Pricing and Proposal Process

Captus Systems provides detailed and transparent proposals to ensure you get a solution that you expect and that perfectly meets your budgetary and functional requirements.

Our pricing and proposal process eliminates surprise costs, maximizes the efficiency of implementation, and gives you comprehensive visibility on what your digital solution will entail.

Even the most straightforward technical and AV solutions have dozens of moving parts. The more complex the project, the more parts that need to be managed. Some AV companies compensate for their inefficient processes, lack of detail, and subpar communication by baking in additional costs – or, worse, by adding change orders that increase the final cost. 

We keep things transparent.

When you get a proposal from Captus Systems, you’ll get comprehensive documentation on your project. You’ll fully understand the scope of your project because it will be in plain English and includes technical detail.

You will tell us how much detail is needed. Our job is to deliver.  

The end result is affordable pricing you can fully understand to help you accurately envision the final result – without being set back by surprises like hidden fees or change orders due to poor planning.

Here’s how our pricing and proposal process works.

MSK wanted to take a creative approach to their new facility, “bringing hospitality to the hospital” and reimagine how cancer care is delivered.

Captus Systems followed this same approach and delivered a people-friendly AV solution in over 50 video conference rooms. The reimagined design became the new standard for video conference room deployment.

We also worked in the Lobby to implement a 24’ x 8’ “Welcome Wall,” surrounded by Luminoso fiber optic wood panels. This video wall allows for static and moving images to be displayed through the wood.

All of this consultative work is performed upfront at no cost.

Here’s what our proposals include.

  1. Detailed functional descriptions, scopes of work, overview, and responsibilities of the project and solution. 
  2. Proposed integration with facility / architectural plans and other systems as required. 
  3. Line-by-line breakout of all equipment.
  4. Itemized costs for every aspect of delivery – from products, to services, to shipping.
  5. Transparent terms and conditions.

Other companies don’t provide this level of detail and may intentionally leave some pricing obscure.

But when you get a proposal from us, you get clear pricing, making great results predictable and ensuring requirements are met. 


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