Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

Implement a Stunning Video Conferencing System

Captus Systems’ video conferencing technology enables remote & on-site teams to seamlessly work & collaborate – as if everyone’s in the same location.

We Won’t Let You Settle for the Status Quo

Crystal Clear Audio & Pixel Perfect Video

We design good connection quality into all of our systems – eliminating background noise in audio & screen noise on video.

Ease of Use

We always put PEOPLE first – whether you need to chat, share a screen, or view the person speaking – operation of the systems that we design is hassle-free.

Proper Security

All platforms require proper security. Our systems have the encryption that won’t leave participants vulnerable to outside sources.

Video Conferencing Systems Can Include:

  • Trackable Cameras: Meeting participants are seen as they speak
  • Large Displays: Placed in the best location for optimal viewing
  • DANTE-Enabled Microphones: Everyone is heard clearly
  • Seamless Control & Automation: Customized for your organization
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Control System Automation, & Custom Programming
  • Service & Support

Captus Systems helps you to avoid system pains by designing them the right way in the first place. Whatever your use-case – video calls, ad hoc video meetings, or webinar hosting – we use expert engineering, modern equipment, the right software, & proven processes – to ensure that your experience is flawless.


Captus Systems has the know-how to build a better Video Conferencing System.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!