Retail Digital Signage, Interactive Media Networks


Retail Digital Signage, Interactive Media Networks

The retail experience is now an integrated Audio Visual + IT experience.

Examples of this are seen everywhere. Signage kiosks, that shows the latest offering and can also capture email addresses and cell phone numbers.  Background music systems that are centrally maintained can include custom feeds, based on real-time offers, available only at that branch.  Location services that recognize your customers when they enter the store, providing a more customized experience. 

Commercial Signage has many applications like reinforcing a brand, displaying an events calendar, streaming news or welcoming new employees and clients.

Captus Systems believes that digital signs that “dissolve” into the aesthetic have the increased power to captivate by putting the focus on the message, and not the display.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS believes the aesthetic matters.  We help you find the correct technology, so the power of the content can be delivered to appropriate audiences throughout the enterprise and centrally maintained.

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