Sound Masking


Sound Masking

Sound masking reduces noise distractions, improves productivity and protects speech privacy.

The modern workplace has a speech privacy problem.  Speech privacy is the inability of an unintended listener to understand outside conversations. A worker with a lack of speech privacy will overhear lots of conversations they shouldn’t.  The majority of office workers (60%) are unhappy with the lack of speech privacy and speech privacy is the number one driver of workplace dissatisfaction.  Speech privacy effects the bottom line.

Trends in the design and architectural communities, that has brought many efficiencies, are also contributing to new challenges faced.  Open floorplan designs have brought workers closer together and have fewer materials (carpets, ceiling tiles and partitions) that block and absorb sound. The increased use of glass and metal improve aesthetic but amplify office noise.

Sound masking is the process of adding an unobtrusive background sound to the environment that raises the spaces ambient noise level.  It is barely noticeable, sounding like the HVAC, specially tuned to make voices less intelligible and therefore less distracting.

A CAPTUS SYSTEMS designed sound masking system will be easy to install & setup, will operate on a schedule, can be managed via a web interface, can be integrated with paging, background music and emergency systems.

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