Video Walls


Video Walls

Video walls have the power to captivate.  Video Walls can change the mood of a space simply by switching content or configuration.  Their versatility, for example, allows for displaying marketing content in various configurations and then switched to a single full display mode for an executive briefing. 

Video walls are widely used in applications from Command Centers to Reception Lobby’s to Boardrooms.  Video walls have become an important way to differentiate rooms and spaces by integrating technology into a static architectural element; The open wall or floor.

Mounting options, aspect ratio, resolution, serviceability, power and environment include some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the correct solution.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ experience spans the gamut. We have delivered video walls for Command Centers and other 24/7 applications supporting the industry’s highest reliability with up to 60,000 hour mean-time between failures. When something as important as the video wall is deployed in the organization you need the best team ensuring its operability, reliability and sustainability.  CAPTUS SYSTEMS is a leader in video wall technology.

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