Innovations in microphone technology means the future of microphones are a networked device. CAPTUS SYSTEMS believes in the power of the network and now the microphone is becoming a part of the IOT family.

Dante – (Digital Audio Network through Ethernet)

Definition: Dante is a combination of software, hardware and network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard ethernet network cable using Layer 3 IP packets.

To CAPTUS SYSTEMS, Dante means microphones can be easily and cost effectively deployed to provide the best user experience available today. 

Ceiling microphones that fit perfectly into a 2×2 tile have the power of over 100 traditional microphones.  When these are combined with algorithms programmed into latest Digital Signal Processors “DSP” the result is a speaker heard in uncompromising perfection. 

While every microphone is not perfect for every space, CAPTUS SYSTEMS will help you select the correct microphone for the room based on all possible variables such as ceiling height, number of persons in the room, wall and floor coverings, etc.

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